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  • KSJordan

    I am impressed that they could interview a dead person. Maybe I missed something, but didn't they interview the church secretary or was that someone else? I was watching 2 things at the same time.

  • ZazuWitts

    KS, Didn't see the show so have no comment.

    However, re the Dateline show, just a couple of days ago I was apologizing to a high-level state government official about the delay of the Dateline airing re the Silentlambs issue. HE, wound up assuring ME that this wasn't unusual, as he knew personally of other topics that had been delayed even longer. It's all a matter of 'timing' and other topics of interest Dateline has going.

    There are probably dozens of completed
    topic 'tapings' that are 'shelved' and waiting for an air date.

    We, anxious as we are to view the program, have no other option than to be patient - one of these days we will be surprised, when Bill Bowen of Silentlambs announces "It's going to be aired on (date)." He will be the first one to know and will inform us lickety-split, for sure.

  • TweetieBird

    KS, they interviewed the dead woman's husband and showed pictures of her but no, they did not interview her.

    "I must stand up in search of the truth, if I don't, I only roll with the flow of the lie and make it stronger.

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