Dialogue on the Name "Jehovah"

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  • agonus

    "He used it in his book 'Pugeo Fidei' in 1270."

    ... which, incidentally, was an anti-semitic polemic... figures...

  • maputo95

    Thank you, P Sacramento. What you say is pure orthodox Christianity and true within a biblical framework.

    Below is the latest exchange, (me in black;Jw in blue)

    The name Jehovah was first recorded from the 13th century C.E. Raymundus Martini [a Spanish monk from the Dominican Order ]. He used it in his book 'Pugeo Fidei' in 1270. Hebrew scholars favor 'Yahweh' as the most likely pronunciation.That is from Aid to Bible Understanding [1971 pgs 884-885]

    That is proof enough that Jehovah is not God's name.

    How did the name came to be? - [It is a hybrid of the YHWH with vowels added from Adonai {Lord}].

    Jehovah is a false name. It is not God's name. The Jews [then and now] didn't dare try to even speak his name. If they ever did, it certainly wasn't Jehovah.

    Wrong !!!

    God’s name is Jehovah.

    The King James version from centuries ago even has it.

    have already told you that the K James Bible is MUCH more recent than the Latin Vulgate and has wrongly replaced the tetragrammaton YHWH.

    Please explain to me, a seeker after the "Truth" as a "proclaimer of the truth", the connection between YHWH and "Jehovah". Please tell me how Jesus addressed God.

    I am not prepared to listen to you telling me that my God’s name Jehovah is false !!!!

    I won’t tolerate this ..

    Thank you

    End of discussion

  • PSacramento

    LOL !
    Sounds about right !!

    A typical conversation with a JW.

  • maputo95

    Lol. P Sacramento you have given a pithy and amusing comment!!

  • ziddina

    "Wrong !!!

    God’s name is Jehovah...."

    That JW has regressed to the level of a two-year-old. He's woefully unprepared for any real 'battle of wits'...

    The WTBTS' edict against real, in-depth research and higher education strikes again!


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