Proof the WT is God's Org?

by mindfield 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • gumby

    Since you know the TRUTH fred.........why are you here?

  • mindfield

    And what truth is that fred? The truth about the "truth? Or the "truth"? Truthfully, I have no idea what truth you're talking about.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I have learned a long time ago from my dear ex brother in law the hypocrite. He was a good elder, got lots of hours in banging on doors telling others how to run their lives but would beat his children. You were Ok in his eyes if you put in lots of service hours but couldn't give you the time of day if he felt you did not meet up to his "high" standards. In my experience this is more of the norm with most JW's. They will only show you love if you do what they want you to do and that also various from JW to JW. They have no concept of what unconditional love is all about.


  • mindfield

    William, you remind me of an elder who, after I told him my change of beliefs, told me I still had many friends in the cong. LOL. How hilarious. Yes, I could just feel the love radiating from them when I went to a "cong. get-together" once... Oh, yes. JW's are my real, unconditional friends.

    These people have no idea what real friendship is all about. I still don't know what it really is. I haven't had that much time to make real friends of my own.

  • moman

    Governing can you believe it? Freddie, can you help me find GOVERNING BODY in the bible....Geeeesh, what a bunch of CRAP!
    The Taliban waz a Governing Body, oh yeah, thats what it iz!

  • libra_spirit

    There are other names for God.

    "Elo heem" is but another one.

    "Elohim" is another.

    We could write up some more Bibles with these more powerfull names now couldn't we.

    How about we take the New Testament and put "Allah" in everywhere we find the word Lord?

    Hmmmm that might help the Islams a little but I think a few Christians might get upset....LOL

  • mindfield

    Anyways, the point i was trying to make is, JW's don't care about what the org. has done wrong. All they care about is the positives. I'm not saying looking at the good side is bad, just that looking at the good side of the deaths of who knows how many people because of what the GB thinks about blood is wacky.

    So, what are the positives? What are the reasons for JW's to believe they are in God's org.? Let's play devil's advocate for a while here... pretend you're fred hall. What are your reasons for believing the JW are from God? (fred, I'm only saying that because you just can't seem to answer to my question)

  • borgfree

    Me answering for Fredhall


    "Without knowledge there can be no genuine faith--only superstition on the one hand or speculation on the other" Robert Banks
  • Fredhall

    Mindfield - Since you have the truth, then you can answer your own questions.

    Moman - You are crap

  • Satanus

    The name jehovah was invented by a monk of the catholic church. I guess they were inspired and have the truth. The wt just borrowed it.


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