Proof the WT is God's Org?

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  • mindfield

    I recall a conversation I once had with my JW uncle about the many doctrinal flip-flops, the blood issue, and how some in the cong. treated me like @W#$@ even though i was never baptized.

    Funny, the only thing he could defend himself with was "Well, do you know of any other religion that insists on God's name?" I didn't know of any, so I coudn't really say yes.

    He also said "Do any other religions preach the good news as much?" That one was a bit easier... I told him what the JW's are preaching right now isn't what Jesus's disciples were preaching at all. He was taken aback, at first, then replied, "Well, it's the good news of the kingdom". Right. So anything remotely connected with the "kingdom" is good news. Uhuh...

    So, basically the only "proof" that the JW's are God's org. is that they insist on God's name, Jehovah. But is that enough? Didn't Jesus say something about "They will accomplish many signs, but to them, I will say 'I never knew you'"? Insisting on a name, a false one at that (the WT has admitted many times "Jehovah" was taken as a name because of its popularity, not because of its correctness), doesn't make up for the rest. Just because they have Jehovah in their name means that they can go away with everything. JW posters here have repeatedly admitted that many aspects of the JW religion is in error, but that one day, Jehovah God would fix it. The question is, Why would he? Is it because they have some name for him? If I was to invent some cult called "Kevin's Witnesses", would God allow me to do anything? I sure hope not.

    Now, what about the "good news"? I admit, it is surprising the WT has accomplished such a huge endeavour. But several points arise. First, is it really the good news? Did the disciples preach about 1914? No they didn't. So is the good news anything remotely connected to the kingdom? If it was, the JW's could might as well uniquely preach about the beauty of the kingdom in heaven and get away with it. The good news isn't some sort of multilateral stage where people can jump up and down, claiming to have THE "good news." The mormons preach about the kingdom, don't they? Who cares about their worldwide success? There are more christians than JW's right now, and claiming the Catholic Church merely "paved the way" for JW's is self-righteous.

    What about Christian unity and love? You know where to shove that crap. There is no "unity and love" in what I'm concerned. Most JW's I know are a bunch of self-righteous bastards who shake hands with some and ignore others who are just as trustful, but aren't "baptized" yet. Take my brother for example. He was talking with some JW friends at the Hall, when this egotistical pig (brother X) comes over and shakes hands with everyone. Oops, did I say everyone? Of course, he ignored my brother. Now of course my brother isn't a publisher yet. And of course, his brother(me) doesn't come to the meetings anymore. But is that truly a mark of Christian love? This brother doesn't give a crap about my brother or myself. Well, of course, he probably forgot all about me a long time ago anyway, but the point remains. Brother X is just one of many in our cong. who, through their friendly smile, whose actions betray a sense of mistrust and superiority. Spare me the "we love each other" drivel.

    So what else "proves" that JW's are from God? Their interpretations of the Bible? Oh yeah, they're real successful. Many now know that Armageddon came invisibly in 1975. {) The prophecies are whack, the doctrinal flip-flops are almost as bad, and the "Revelation" book is just trash. The GB, through all their self-righteousness, see every second verse as having some kind of special meaning for their presence, their actions, their "unique role". Jeez. It's worse than The Rock.

    Nope, I can't see any proof for the JW's being "special", "unique", "loving, true Christians of God". Can any JW here provide me with some proof???

  • Fredhall

    Read Jude 8 Mindfield!!!

  • borgfree


    Sure, it is the love they have for one another! stop laughing

    BTW Jesus was given the name that is above EVERY name, I don't see the exception there... at least in a real bible.

    "Without knowledge there can be no genuine faith--only superstition on the one hand or speculation on the other" Robert Banks
  • mindfield

    Oh, sorry fred. I guess I was speaking abusively of "glorious ones". Yes, the GB is a glorious bunch.

    What is this, fred? Trying to make me feel guilty? Why don't you just answer my last question instead?

  • barry

    The reason the name Jehovah is so popular is because at least one third of the hyms of christian churches have that name. Borrow a hymbook from any denomination and have a look.

  • libra_spirit

    I never could figure out why it is so important to give God a name. If there is only one God he really doesn't need a name now does he....LOL

    Now if you want to start making many Gods then you can see how it might get confusing if you don't use names.....LOL

    Lets see Jehovah God(father), Jesus God(son), the Active Force (Holy Spirit)....

    Now I wonder why they don't give the Holy Spirit a name too, it's just as important.

    Why not "Sam the Holy Ghost"

    Now I think that a TRUE Christian would be one who uses the Holy Spirits Name, "Sam". As a matter of fact I better just run out and write me up a new Bible and put that CORRECT name back in there!

    Jehovah, Jesus, and Sam

    All 3 of them are Gods now aren't they?

    This is a demonstration of how the JW's got thier Doctrine, I think!

  • gumby

    If God was that intent on people using and making known his "NAME" he would at least told us HOW to pronounce it!
    Their own definition of what a name means in their Aid/Insight books
    contradicts what they preach it means.
    Yes....God is going to destroy ALL people that have used the name Yahweh,Lord,Father, God instead of Jehovah.
    Don't all of you remember when your father used to beat the crap out of you for not making his name known in the neighborhood?
    Remember when he would say "don't you EVER call me dad again!You know my name you little bastard! Use my name or I will beat you again!
    Your not a child of mine! You don't use my name......why I otta.......

  • Fredhall


    You put yourself in this situation. A matter of fact, Jude 8 does not refer to the GB only. Since you know the truth; I wonder why you came to that conclusion?

  • mindfield

    Oh, I don't know fred. Maybe it's because I dissed the org., and since the GB is the nucleus of the whole @#$@pile, well, I just assumed you felt hurt at the "insults". And what "situation" are you talking about? What situation? Now, why don't you answer the question?

  • moman

    mind, al religions are just BIG BUSINESS & they use God to make the sale!

    You think the Dubs are WACKY, have you researched the Mormans & their history? If it didn't ruin so many lives, this chit would be funny!

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