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  • JanH

    LOL. I'm actually watching American Football every Sunday now. Mildly interesting, the 10 minutes or so of actual play during those 3 hours.

    What do you insist on calling it football? You use your feet less in merkinball than they use their hands in european football.

    People who are just fanatical fans like the sport they grew up with and are used to from childhood. People who really like sports see the interesting parts of lots of different sports. Over the last years I have learned to appreciate cricket (even played it!), rugby, and, yes, even american football. There is a good sport inside american football struggling to come out under all that padding, no-action breaks, stupid team names and advertising.

    But, well, there is a reason hardly anybody but Americans play it. Football is, on the other hand, played universally (except the US, until recently).

    - Jan
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  • PELE

    Hello to all,

    As a brazilian, I am deeply ofended with this post :)). Tradicionally, we are between the best and the most fanatical persons in this game in the world.

    World cup final each four years is a real temptation to Jehovah's witnesses in my country. In 1994 world cup in USA for example, and elder in my congregation simply screamed in the Watchtower study after Bagio's lost a penalty and Brazil team became world champions: "WE WON!BRAZIL!BRAZIL! EH...HMMMM"! (unfortunatly it was not the best "GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL!!!!!!)

    By the way, who was called the Century's athlet, an american's pseudo-football player?

    Best regards,


    Also enjoing : beach soccer, saloon soccer and waiting for the greates world real football cup this year.

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