Cat Lovers

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  • zerubberballs

    I thought the chinese love cats?

    crispy moggy in ginger and a bottle of tiger beer thanks

  • MrMoe

    My favorite kitty cat comes with me everywhere. I take her to work, I shower with her, she takes hot steamy baths with me, watches TV with me, she even goes for car rides. I love my sweet little kitty

  • Xena

    MR MOE!!

    uuummm can I pet your kitty????

  • MrMoe

    Xena, hmmmm lemmie think..... ummmmmmm.... YES!

  • teejay

    My favorite pussy? Gee, Larc, that's a good question!

    I had a pussy once a long time ago. She was black but had silver tips at the end of her hair. We called her Sterling. I sure liked that pussy.

    So soft... so furry. When you rubbed her just right, she would move with your hand. My hand... that pussy.. my hand... that pussy. My hand and that pussy went together like peas and carrots.

    That was one great pussy. One day she ran out in the street and got run over by a truck.

    I miss that pussy.

  • larc


    I am sorry to hear about the passing of your pretty pussy. My wife and I used to have two such critters, one was all white and one was all black - truely an integrated family. They both died of old age. We are on the verge of getting two little kitties.

    I am ashamed of you people who dislike cats. For those of you who like cats, would you like to exchange recipes?

  • teejay


    Thanks for that acknowledgment of the tragic, life-altering pain of loosing my favorite, black, silver-tipped pussy. I got over it pretty quick, but thanks just the same.

    Say... I was thinking of getting another pussy. Do you have any recommendations?


  • larc


    Just to prove that I am not all fluff, I am going to post a serious answer. Please forgive me, if you find this offensive. At any rate, I would recommend going to the local humane society and picking out two kitties from the same litter. Why two? Because once or twice a day, they chase each other all over the house and play-fight. They are fun to watch, and I think they stay healthier that way. I would pick the colors of your choice. I am leaning towards some orange and white in at least one of them. I also like marbled black, grey, and white. Of course, choosing your favorite pussy is an individual matter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I think another important characteristic is temperment. I prefer extraverted, friendly cats as opposed to the stand offish types. (I guess I could say that about wiminz too.)

  • Prisca

    My mum used to take in strays. She'd feed them the best mince (same as what we'd eat) and then wonder why they kept coming back for food.

  • DazedAndConfused

    My favorite pussy was a Siamese. Anyone who knows Siamese cats know that they are waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy more indipendant than the average pussy (unlike dogs, that cannot make it through 1 hour without some sort of acknowledgment). What I like about Siamnese cats are that they think they are so smart. It ignores you and you ignore this point the dang things THEN cuddle up to you, but you can't acknowledge this fact to them. They are a hoot!

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