Ghost in my house?

by cognac 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • Elsewhere

    Yes... you CERTAINLY have a ghost.

    If you send the offending toy to me with $500 cash, I'll ensure the ghost is properly disposed of and will never bother you again.

  • EverAStudent

    Well, we can count ghosts (the spirits of dead people) as out of the question, because dead believer spirits go to heaven to await judgment and dead unbeliever spirits go to hades to await judgment. That pretty much leaves demons or living humans.

    I don't think demons are sitting in the dark snickering to each other waiting to prank unsuspecting humans with defective electronic toys. I mean really...their boss is Satan and he has this big agenda to destroy Israel, topple kingdoms, and overthrow God. I just don't think there would be time to be pranking humans..."hey Wormwood, still got that whoopy cushion...I need to borrow this running prank going..."

  • dissed

    I don't know everastudent, the JW's believe that demons love to hang around old junk like used Tuperware and clothes hangers. I tells you, they are sick and perverted, those demons, real sick. ...(saying sarcastically)

    "Hey crazy groovy demon friends. With the world about to come to its end, what should we do? Topple goverments, mislead mankind? I know, let's go live in some used Tuperware"

    When you think about it, it sounds like some silly Casper the Ghost movie. BUT THEY BELIEVE IT!!!!!

  • yknot

    LOL........ the same thing happened to me a few months after I joined with my child's bob the builder toy!

    I had the same immediate automatic response too!

    Yeppers..... it was a battery issue...

  • EverAStudent

    Oh, I just know I am going to hate myself for asking, but, why do demons like to possess Tuperware (tell me it's the burping, please......)?

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