If we tolerate this then our children will be next

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  • sleepy

    If we tolerate this then our children will be next.
    We have got to put a stop to this mad organisation.
    giving people false hopes taking away thier lives , their free will.
    I lost 27 years of my life to Jehovahs witness from a newborn baby my mind was filled with their teachings , I was going to live forever never going to die .
    All life was to be centered around the truth.
    I trusted these people and all I got was a kick in the teeth when I questioned it.
    There has got to be something we can do , lets not let our hands be tied .
    I dont k now what can be done but if we don't do something soon the org is just going to change people will start flocking in again and more lives will be ruined.

  • Fredhall


    You poor little baby.

  • moman

    I agree totaly! Things are changing though. Boards such az this one & the loss of their "Armageddon just around the corner" crap will cause many of the sheep to awaken.


  • sleepy

    I dont know why but some days , in fact must days I don't care that much that I was a witness and what has happened to me.
    Other days I get really mad and frustrated.
    I feel so cheated and abused.
    I want to do something about it.

  • freeborg


    If you look at the thread below (Anti JW) might give yo ua few ideas. I to feel cheated and hurt at times and then angry, it is hard to come to terms with. I think the way I will cope is through action against the WTS exposing lies and hypocrisy.

    It seems more and more people are learning the truth about the truth in the UK.

  • Bang

    Do our pockets have gate keys in them or what.

    It's quite reassuring to know you're representing the JWs, Fred. It would be insulting of me to ignore you and not say.


  • ashitaka

    Fred is my JW hero of the week. He passed out kitty litter at WTC and preached the Watchtower rhetoric.

  • ISP

    You still cat-napping, Fred?


  • cornish

    Hi sleepy
    When I left the Borg in 1996 I felt so cheated that they do this and get away with it,I felt for all my friends and family who trust the borg so much but are just being abused for their trust,I was desperate for things to be done about it ,so myself and a another ex witness and a couple of cult outreach friends did some demonsrations outside the kingdom hall and assemblies with billboards with motifs like'THIS Religion Is A Snare And A Racket' and Millions Who Were Told They Would Never Die Are Now Dead,we played assemly tapes over a PA of what they said about 1975 etc,we distributed leaflets in the neighbourhood warning of the danger joining the cult would have on life and liberty, and took part in a BBC television documentary about the cult. I certainly think some good was achieved in educating the general public,and it helped me personally to get some baggage of my shoulders from all those years of religious tyranny and move on,so now I have calmed down a bit and am getting on with life as we have too but I still have the same feelings as you and will do what I can to expose this cult but I feel it is important to not let it become an obsession

  • DazedAndConfused

    I totally agree with you baby....but on the other hand I think it should be handled from logical thinking rather than "off the cuff" from anger. Things will be more organized and logical from that standpoint. We need to keep in focus what we want to accomplish, rather than feeding off of our fear/anger at the moment. Another thing we need to do is to try and avoid looking/searching for things to attack rather than looking at the whole picture and focusing on that. It seems to be a case of not seeing the forest for the trees in here.

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