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  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    This may have been asked before, so as a newbie I apologize. What bible translation have you found to be the most respected and recognized by both Hebrew and Classical Scholars for its faithful translation? Please no comments on the NWT!

  • spawn

    The complete idiots guide to the bible is a must read before moving on to other versions,

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    A woman at our church who is a great Bible scholar and leads a great Tuesday morning Bible study as well as a Sunday morning Sunday School class recommends the New American Standard version as being the most faithful translation. I plan to buy one soon. I currently use NIV.

  • snowbird

    I've also heard that the NASB is the most respected and scholarly translation.


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Just read My Book of Bible Stories. It's basically like reading the cliff notes.

  • oppostate

    I agree the NASB is quite faithful to the text and very literal.
    But there are other translations that I respect quite a lot.
    The New Jerusalem Bible, and the English Standard Version.
    My favorites although dated are Young's Translation and
    the American Standard Version.
    Check out parallel verses in many translations at:
  • yknot

    I moving toward the NASB..... But I started with Youngs Literal....(JW need to see 'Jehovah' and figured literal was a good transition after the NWT) Perhaps a few good bible commentaries too....

  • Farkel

    The Bible doesn't need another good translation. It needs a good re-write.


  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Thank you to all who answered the question. I have a better feel for the more scholarly translations that are popular.

  • possible-san

    Hi, Simon Morley.

    In Japan, a certain famous Japanese New Testament scholar says that the RSV is most excellent/superior.
    And he valuates highly the footnote of the Jerusalem Bible.

    Since this is a matter which a New Testament scholar has stated, of course, it is not evaluation about the Old Testament.

    If you stick to the nuance of the original word, the Emphasised Bible (Rotherham Version) and the Young's Literal Translation is preeminent, so I recommend it to you.

    But those translations may not be popular.
    Although I have about 40 Bible translations, I do not have those two translations.

    Well, I love the CEV.
    I explained that reason in the past. (But that is not a literal translation as you know)
    Please listen to that "drama version."


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