Help! I'm drowning!

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  • FayeDunaway

    he p.m'd me and said it was that they have never acknowledged the worship of Jesus (basically, Trinity)...they speak of their 'purity from christendom' since 1919 when the temple was cleansed of christmas etc, but don't acknowledge that they worshipped Jesus into the 50's! So it's pretty severe obfuscation and hypocrisy. I don't know how he currently feels personally about worshipping Jesus, just that the watchtower hid this, struck him hard.

    Thanks for the info, I had no idea about this, even tho this is primarily the reason i left the jws...that they downplay the role of Jesus was particularly disgusting to me. I had read and heard of everything else...miracle wheat, Beth sarim, but not this thing that is the main reason I left, so it's funny.

  • JamesThomas

    With eyes that can not see and ears which can not hear -- we follow the minds foolish images, concepts and beliefs of anthropomorphic deities that are as convoluted as the confused little minds which creates them; all-the-while ignoring the majesty and reality of life in and around us.

    Sometimes we deserve to drown.

    The life preserver is always here, but lost in the mind, few have the silent wisdom to embrace it

  • vinman

    Appreciate everyone's kind words. Everyone leaves the organization for different reasons. For me, it was that the Watchtower hid the fact that we worshipped Jesus into the 50's. How did that ever escape me? That is because for years and even on today, it carefully says that we have always rejected the Trinity. The assumption is made that we didn't do the worse part of that doctrine, which is creature worship of Jesus. That is so misleading. Anyway, my main point is this. That one finding, is just the beginning as you all know. Then we find all the rest of the deceptions, secrecy, etc. So it becomes complicated to explain to anyone in full why you say this is not the truth. It is not just this or that. Rather you begin to see a big pattern which screams "Do not put your trust in earthling men!" In other words, that is why all leave. A person may try to "explain" what seems to be a deception or that we were overly zealous for the end to come, whatever. But they fail to see what the real problem is. The Governing Body has no more of God's spirit then I do. For so many years, you wait for them to make sense of things. Sometimes they have. But you already had the real understanding 20 years ago! Just like the generation thing. That is such a simple scripture to grasp. Yet here we are now waiting for them to tell us that the generation began with Rutherford when we were called Jehovah's Witnesses. And those overlapping anointed ones will see the end. When you see the real issue, that of trusting men, their is no turning back no matter what "explanations" are given. And that is something that takes time to convey to family. Sorry for ranting. I know this is all old news, but I just need a punching bag and this is the place.

  • kairos

    I can't see attending the meetings for any reason.

    I tried. After a few times of literally walking out in tears during the concluding prayer, I called it quits for good.

    Go at your pace. Seems to be different for everyone.

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