Patriotism isn't only by the flag?

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  • YoYoMama

    Witnesses are peaceful so that's a dumb question.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Yo Yo,

    Your propensity for insulting anyone who challenges your specious notions reflects a long-standing tradition of Jehovah's witnesses.

    Nothing justifies the type of violence so many of the Rutherfordian JWs suffered. Yet Watchtower literature itself extols such intemperate baiting of its religious enemies as fulfilments of Revelation's plagues, hailstones, etc. as well as the anguish that JW opponents are said to writhe in as a result.

    Do you really expect Catholics, for example, to react with equanimity to insults like ``pus-gut'' when directed to their spiritual leader? It's obvious you've never taken the trouble to examine Rutherford-era magazines carefully. But that's typical of most JWs; committing their lives without undertaking a thorough, objective personal exploration of all relevant issues, opting instead to accept the Wts current sanitised revionist history.

    You've made your bed, and will not be dissuaded to take a moment from your headlong rush to the New World to consider the mountain of cautionary evidence presented to you on this forum.

    I wish you well.

  • AjaxMan

    No, YoYo. That is not a dumb question.

    The obvious answer will be no.

    People of other beliefs will not be qualified for a good job or benefits why? because they are considered bad associations.
    Why they cannot get good job? Because to have a business in such society, you need to be in good standing with the government. If a government has JW ideology and that business does not, then the business is not in good standing.

    Also, people of other beliefs WILL be segregated and discriminated only because they don't agree with JW doctrine. These same people will be incarcerated if they celebrate a holiday as all the doctrines are laws.

    Are we clear on it so far?

    It is not such a stupid question, heh?

    If it is a stupid question, then can you answer it?


    "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and the best things never die." - The Shawshank Redemption

  • seven006


    Once again I admonish you to think before you post. This one is so easy to see through and reflect back to the
    blind eye of JW thinking I am almost embarrassed to respond to it.

    <<<I don't wave the flag, I wave principles. More than a swath of fabric, our country is represented by a set of ideas that have been culled from the best of the Enlightenment.>>>

    Look in your book bag. See that little collated bunch of papers with the word Watchtower on the front of it? That is your flag. You speak of people displaying their "flags" in their cars as a symbol their belief in their country. I remember so well having my parents tell us to tape up a watchtower to our back window as we drove for hours to our yearly district convention. I thought it odd that we didn't do that all the time.

    You have principals? Ya YoYo, we know you do, so does the KKK.

    <<< But at this time of renewed patriotic fervor, we have to be careful that flag waving doesn't become flag raving.>>>

    Again, I thought it odd that my family and other JW families only put watchtowers in their car windows when the exhilaration of the up coming district convention was coming. Why don't they do it all the time?

    <<<In the early and mid-1940s, as World War II raged, a wave of anti-Witness violence swept the country. >>>

    I'm sure the tens of thousands of Japanese Americans who were put into camps all over the United States would win the "who was treated worse" award during that time in American history. Not to mention the two million or so Jews who were murdered is Gremany. Ever been to a Native American reservation YoYo? I have. Now what were you telling me about the persecution of a few poor JW's exercising their principals during world war II?

    <<<Witnesses also inflamed communities with their avid proselytizing and open criticism of other organized religions.>>>

    Now this one is just too good. People got mad because the JW's were criticizing their religion? I know that would piss me off if someone did that to me. How about you YoYo? Here is a little quote by YOU from another thread:

    <<<I'm sorry I seemed like a jerk with my comments, but you have to understand that I too get pissed when Opposers of Jehovah's Witnesses throw out accusations left and right and never the see the good that we do.>>>

    Now tell us about how people should just sit back and listen to their "beliefs" be criticized. It pisses you off? How odd.

    This is so sad, people doing mean things to others just because they do not see eye to eye:

    <<< For example, in Litchfield, Ill., carloads of Witnesses were set upon by townspeople, with members of the American Legion leading the way. Men and women were pulled from their cars, the men beaten. >>>

    I guess you haven't heard the story about Simon and his wife. Simon is the guy who started this site. Simon was a JW when he first put this site up. It was for JW's to come and talk. You should ask him what the loving brothers did to him and his family because he refused to take the site down. Simon is now an exJW. Go ahead YoYo, ask him what your loving brothers did.

    <<<In a ringing opinion, the court said Jehovah's Witness children and others have the First Amendment right to refuse to participate in a flag salute.>>>

    Isn't it funny how JW's condemn this government as a servant of Satan the boogie man when it suits their purpose?
    Isn't it funny how the JW's speak highly of this government when it over looks that fact and gives them the freedom that they feel is owed to them? The word hypocrite come to mind here YoYo, what do you think?

    <<<"Freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much," wrote Justice Robert Jackson. "That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order.">>>

    Wow, now that's great. "The test of substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart." It's amazing how you point that quote out YoYo. "the right to differ." Now that is a concept that I see you love when it serves your purpose. How far does that concept go in the loving concept of having a different opinion than the JW's do in relation to association with their so called disfellowshipped family members? That is certainly something that touches the heart, don't you think? I guess the is only a one way concept for JW"s isn't it.

    <<<The flag should be a symbol of America, land of liberty, pluralism and
    tolerance. But too often it has been hijacked by commercial interests to hawk goods, by politicians to hide behind and by bullies to justify violence against those who are different. >>>

    Wow, commercial interest, yep, that's bad. I'm glad the watchtower society gives all their publications out for free to all it's members. Let's see, books, by weekly magazines, six million people. Yep, they aren't making a dime! I wonder how they built up almost a billion dollars in cash that is sitting in their bank account? That must be hard to save up when you give away free stuff.

    <<<To avoid any confusion, I'm sticking to principles.>>>

    We know you are YoYo, so did the guys who flew the jets into the twin towers. Lets hear it for principals!!!!!!

    Take care YoYo.


  • YoYoMama

    Dave, you disappoint me, couldn't you tell that what I posted was an article from the St. Petersburg Times and not my own words? Think before you post dude! lol...

  • seven006


    Don't you think I know that you do not write the watchtower articles but you use them to make your point?

    I do think YoYo, believe it or not, I'm not stupid.

    Don't you have more to say than that about my comments? Am I loosing you here YoYo?

    Take care,


  • Fredhall

    YoYo Mama,

    I strongly believe that a tit mouse is much smarter than O06, room 215 and ajaxman put together.

  • YoYoMama
    Don't you think I know that you do not write the watchtower articles but you use them to make your point?

    hhheeeeeelllllllooooo, it was a newspaper article! I don't think your stupid, you're just being silly. Go on boy!

  • AjaxMan

    And I strongly believe an earthworm is a lot smarter than Fred Hall himself.

  • Budda Belly
    Budda Belly

    Hi Yo Yo,

    I see you read Freeborg's post.

    20 once in, now 20 out...
    The Entire Family no longer witnessess.

    This seems to be a long running trend
    with the Watchtower.

    Could you please answer this one question?

    Why is it that the Watchtower cannot keep
    it'members when they claim that newly baptized
    persons have been called by Christ as his Sheep?



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