Has anyone tried to prevent ex-spouse from training the kids as JWs?

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  • JWdaughter

    Oh, and you don't need to bad mouth dad to deal with any of this. Grown up stuff can stay in the courts. Unless things get hideously ugly, I can't see your children being subjected to a back and forth with lawyers. You can be entirely pleasant about dad and be honest without even the hint of a put down. "Your dad and I do things differently and think differently" is a lot different than "Your dad is a freaking nut job and I hate hate hate that mot*******ing religion", if you know what I mean. "We both want what is best for you because we both love you. This is what I think is best and when you are grown up, you can figure out what you think is best". Low key is better than low class every time, but don't be passive on this issue. Please.

  • Michelle365

    GL Tirebiter--you said "If he doesn't want to go, you go anyway and talk with Parenting Coordinator. Make his absence show up in a paper trail." Absolutely. I'm creating the paper trail and letting him hang himself. The whole "my house my rules" is hard. I agree with you and I really don't want to encourage the kids to disobey their father but the only other choice is to let him control our lives and to run my household as well. It's very draining and frustrating and leaves me feeling on edge at all times.

    JWDaughter--Thank you for sharing your experience. That is what I need to hear but it still is the endless battle. How do I assert my beliefs without badmouthing the Dad or the religion? You know? In practical application it is just non stop drama & stress. My ex will never agree to let them not be JWs at school. He is a freaking zealot. This is why I'm back in court. It's such a fine line between low key and passive. I have to be ready and be "on" every day all the time for when this shit comes up.

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