How busy are we?

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  • Simon

    I do miss many of the people who've come and gone and hope they'll pop in and let us know how things are going but understand that people won't post on here forever.

    In case anyone is concerned because it appears that people are leaving I thought I'd put you minds at rest:

    Last week was the busiest ever traffic-wise. I expect this week to top that (perhaps it's since WOL closed?) with around 40,000 visits. I've just done some tweaking to keep on top of things performance wise.

    The number of registered users continues to go up with (I think) an increase in the number registering each day. I look forward to as many of these as possible 'taking the plunge' and intruducing themselves - don't worry, the first post is the worst!

    So, we're busier than ever!

  • waiting

    Dear Simon........

    Do you EVER get tired of being The Voice of Reason around here?

    Don't you ever feel like saying in your best English accent "bugger off, people."

    Well, anyway, glad to hear that there continues to be a "coming and going" around here....just like in real life and on every other forum!


  • Simon

    I do miss the "relaxed" days with you, claudia, seven, frenchy, path and all the other 'old timers'

  • Joyzabel

    Simon & wiffie pooh (sorry forgot your name)

    I have wanted to say thank you for serveral months. You two provide a wonderful service keeping this board up.

    I have one question though, why are the topics, (general, main, personal experiences, etc) so big now that I have to scroll down half the page before I get to what's posted? Is it just my computer or is this change permanent? It takes alot of scrolling to get to the posts or even to see who is in chat. j2bf

  • Simon

    Can you send me a screen-shot (try alt + PrintScreen) to show me what you mean? Also, let me know what browser you are using.

    You could try pressing Ctrl (or shift) + F5 (or the refresh button) as I made some changes earlier this evening which may not have kicked in (I did some of them wrong see)

  • ISP

    Good to know that despite a 'falling away' the increase is as good as ever!


  • Joyzabel

    Thank you Simon & Angharad!

    I pressed F5 and it has cleared up. Thank you. j2bf


    Hey Simon,I just thought I`d post to see how your doing.I hope everything is going well for you...OUTLAW

  • detective

    Your numbers keep going up? Just a sign that your "works" are truly blessed.

    Thanks so much for all your efforts on this forum. It's definitely appreciated.

  • RedhorseWoman
    all the other 'old timers'

    Sheesh, that's all the mention I get? After all I've done for you? (sigh) (sniffle, whine, moan)

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