Hotel Caifornia, Stairway to Heaven, Saturday Night Fever

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  • DesirousOfChange

    The then DO had a short portion of Stairway to Heaven played in reverse to show everyone it contained the phrase "Decide to smoke marijuana" backward masked on the tune.

    Fortunately we never played it backwards.

    I guess that's why I never smoked pot.


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I walked out on Top Gun with a few of the young boys in my

    congregation. A fellow veteran (Korea war) and me Vietnam, he

    a MS and I a elder. We took about six young boys to see movie.

    He (ms) and the boys did not understand why we walk out.

    My son ask me later, why did we leave? I still don't know, the mind

    of a nutty elder..They were ages 13-16.

  • smiddy

    My oldest son still chides me over turning off " The Life of Brian movie"as not suitable for true Christians .

    We now sit down as a family and laugh our heads off with it.

    As a teenager before getting the "truth", I always thought the stairway to heaven was a ladder in a lady`s stocking.


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Ladder in a lady's stocking. LOL
  • freemindfade
    I want to say Guns and Roses was specifically mentioned at one point. Or at least I had heard of someone getting kicked out of bethel for having their music. GB not big axel fans apparently...
  • FayeDunaway

    How about ac/dc ( rumored by witnesses to be short for antichrist devil child lol).

    i know someone who walked out of the little mermaid because of Ursula (there's a witch in it!!!)

    and someone else who turned off Sesame Street for her kids, because in the end Elmo sings the Elmo's world song...which is to the TUNE of jingle bells! And sure jingle bells isn't specifically about Christmas but it's ASSOCIATED with christmas!!

  • DesirousOfChange

    How about ac/dc ( rumored by witnesses to be short for antichrist devil child lol).

    I thought the AC/DC was a reference to bisexuality.

    I do recall Saturday Night Fever specifically condemned - even in WT publications.

    See: KM 05/1979 or Awake! 03/22/1979 (All that immorality and disco stuff.)


  • BluesBrother

    A lot of comments here are about individual dubs' comments rather than actual printed material . The WTS has said this about Saturday Night Fever :

    Aw 1979 3/22 p10

    Since the movie Saturday Night Fever has had so much to do with the phenomenal growth and spread of disco, let’s consider it. What kind of life-style does that movie feature and, in effect, promote?
    “Saturday Night Fever”
    The main character of the movie lives for just one thing—to shine at the disco on Saturday night. The sexual escapades of the disco crowd are featured, including oral sex, which is performed out in the car during interludes to the dancing. The language is of the filthiest kind. Yet all of this is presented as normal—the way of life among those who go to discos. In a news article, “Why Teenagers Should Not See ‘Saturday Night Fever,’” New York psychologist Dr. Herbert Hoffman says:
    “What Travolta and his friends are teaching teenage boys is to become sexually involved with girls without any romantic feelings whatsoever, to use girls as sex objects, to depersonalize the entire sexual experience.
    “The ideas that teenagers will carry away with them from this movie can tragically damage their entire lives.
    “Young boys will be out to ‘score’ with the opposite sex, with the idea that a relationship with a girl is an accomplishment to brag about to friends in order to enhance group standing.
    “Young girls will be convinced either that promiscuity may be required to insure popularity, or that men are after ‘only one thing.’ In either case, their opportunity for deep and lasting emotional involvement is jeopardized.
    “It’s a sick movie to allow susceptible teenagers to see.”
    Yet millions of youths around the world, often along with their parents, have flocked to this movie, making it one of the biggest box-office successes in history. As noted, it features what disco is all about. But so do other aspects of the disco scene.

    I found no reference to the songs asked in the O/P , but this about Led Zep, calls them "more orthodox" than the punk bands of the day.......

    Aw. 11/8 p29

    Even the more “orthodox” “Led Zeppelin” musical group had similar problems recently—a bill for $8,000 in damages to New York’s Plaza Hotel.
  • Oubliette
    BB, thanks for the references. What year was the Zep reference?
  • Quarterback

    Wow, I'm surely a bad dude. I watched and listened to all of those music/shows.

    So did my friends from Bethel. But, I still refused to go along with those Benjamites who decided to abuse that concubine in the Bible book of Judges.

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