Praying before meals

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  • teejay


    You make a good point, of course. My daughter is really quite appreciative of things already. When her mom combs her hair and she comes in to show me, I make sure that she tells mommy "thank you." When I get her some juice out of the fridge, I make sure she says thank you. Very often she says it without prompting (those are the best!) and when you say it to her, she says "you're welcome." Waay cool.

    I guess I'm wondering what she'll loose if I raise her without a belief in god. The god thing is only so much propaganda to me now, but at least I was raised that way and left it of my own choosing. I wonder if I'm right in not teaching her in the first place. But then, Nate made a good point... I ain't teaching her about Santie Clause and the Easter bunny, neither, so...

  • GermanXJW

    [quote]I've had a problem praying since i left. Don't want to be praying to the 'hoover fellow, but really have no idea who to be thanking, and why.[\food]

    That was the second intimate question the CO asked me on his visit. "What about your relationship to Jehovah? Do you pray?" I thought: "Touché. I no longer feel as a JW and I don't pray anymore AND HE KNOWS." He must have noticed because he added after some seconds that felt like eternity:"I didn't mean regularly."

    So, after all he feels all right. I mentioned some of the points that strike me in the Society's teachings and he thinks: "This man can't be right. He has ceased to associate with God's People and - look at him - he doesn't pray any longer."

  • gravedancer

    Why pray before the meal and not after the meal?

    I mean what if the food sucks? Can you get a refund on your prayer?

  • JT

    nathan says:

    When your daughter asks about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, you'll probably have not much relutance in telling her that SC and EB are imaginary creatures and don't really exist.
    Why does the Jehovah sock-puppet deserve your hesitation?

    When your daughter comes home from school with stories about Zeus, Apollo and Diana, or Baal and Ormuzd you won't hesitate to tell her these are just stories made up by people long ago who didn't know how the world really worked, but NEEDED an "explanation".

    Same with the angry argicultural god of the Hebrews. Or am I mistaken?


    you are on a Roll

    nice post

  • sweetone2377

    My family does not pray before meals. But when my children are at others' houses, where they pray, we bow our heads in respect (sound familiar??).

    We do not often sit and eat together at the table as our schedules all differ. Yesturday I prepared a very nice meal and we all sat together at the table. My 3 year old son said that he liked eating that way and wanted to do it more often. So, you can sit at the table as a family and share in a meal together without having to bring an unknown diety into the picture.

    Former victim and recovering wonderfully from a broken spirit
    Smile, because we all have been freed from slavery!!

  • BU2B

    I do not pray over meals when I am alone, but when JWs are around I bow my head for 20seconds to make it look good. When at home before meals and my wife expects me to pray, I almost got sick to my stomach. I just hate tht word "Jehovah". I almost gagged. What are we thanking God for? Thnk you for this meal when millions more are starving? No god had anything to do with the food. If I thank him for the food, then when there is a famine, logically he must get the blame.

    However in Christian lala land, When there is food you thank God nd when famine, it becomes Satans fault. SMH

  • ballistic

    "oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?".. hold on I think someone's already done that one.

  • nonjwspouse

    TeeJay, how did it work out for you since she is now well into her teens?

  • Rattigan350

    Thank you Jehovah for this job that allows me to buy food, though on the credit card, and though I have to work overtime and miss meetings and field service.

    It's a show. Because Jesus prayed and miracles happened to feed many, people follow that, though nothing miraculous about the sun,rain cycle.

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