This Week's Service Meeting

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  • WTWizard
    And not a peep about what happens if the "brother" who is supposed to conduct is 15 or 20 minutes late. What if a "sister", or a "brother" that is "less qualified" (not an assistant hounder), gets the group organized when this assistant hounder idiot shows up to throw out the whole arrangement because he is "supposed" to take the lead? Usually, you get confusion, people getting crappy arrangements, and more wasted time. I say that, if you are late enough so the meeting is already well under way, you are disqualified from leading the group that time.
  • crazyhorse
    Lol. They're just crazy. I wouldn't help giggling in my seat.

    I joked the whole time with my kid. My wife was pissed. LOL!! It was the most assenine thing I have heard for some time!

    Seriously, where is the SCRIPTURAL backing for making sisters sit down??? Are the GB such incredible misogynistic assholes that a woman cannot be "higher" than they are?!?! WTF???


  • stillin

    A brother with restrictions must humbly let the sister take the lead, say the prayer, make the arrangements.

    but it's OK for him to do the really important stuff, like contribute money, gas, preaching time and just general support for this insanity.

    He really shouldn't be praying at all to the God who set this all up.

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