if 1000 years =1 day to God the:

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  • logical

    Is there a scripture that says 1000 years IS a day to God... or is there simply an illustration of the points Kes made above... 1000 years is AS a day to God.

  • DIM

    good point logical...i'm not really sure what the "official" WTS backed view is, but I've heard both views from many many pioneers and elders...I think most JW's believe both defintions.

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  • Sirona


    So you are actually saying that it was OK for Jesus to come because his suffering was only 33mins to God?

    That is the worst christian argument I ever heard. So our suffering (which God conveniently made very long) doesnt matter?


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  • SixofNine

    April, exactly.

    One day may be a thousand years to God, but one day is a lifetime if it is the last day of baby starving to death. Ten days is eternity if it is the ten days in the life of a person being tortured.

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