You Know it's God's Channel

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  • Lionel_P_Hartley

    You Know is trying to defend the WTS against the charge of being false prophets. HE is relying on something of a technicality. Let's look at the facts:

    (i) The WTS claims explicitly to be "God's sole channel of communication with mankind."

    What does that statement mean? It is self-evident. No amount of squirming can get out of the fact that the WTS claims to speak for God. This statement amounts to saying that the Bible is useless without the WTS. Why is it useless? Because, no one can determine what the Bible means except the WTS, God's chosen spirit-directed organization - as they have referred to it - his prophet.

    So (a) they claim to speak for God as his prophet.

    (ii) Essentially all WTS teachings have been revised or abandoned with the exception of a minority of teachings. In particular, their pronouncements that certain dates are "God's dates" have all been abandoned. Even "this generation of 1914" guranteed again in God's name has been discarded.

    So, (b) most, if not all, of what they have spoken in God's name has turned out to have been false.

    Therefore, they are false prophets. No other conclusion is possible.

    It really is as simple as that. What is interesting is that you don't find the Israelites engaging in long debates as to whether some guy who came in God's name and told them a bunch of BS was a false prophet or not. You didn't find them debating that, since Moses and Noah had gone of the rails then this latest dude merits a second chance. Like hell - they did what the WTS would do if it could - stoned the bugger to death.

    So, come off it Robert. You sound pathetic. The WTS has associated God's sacred name with a string of lunatic teachings that have all proved false. It has screeched these teachings at the world in such a manner that the name Jehovah has become a stench because of them.

    But, to hear you talk, and despite all of this, the WTS still speaks for God. It is quite amazing the lengths that people will go to avoid admitting that they jumped out of the frying pan into the fire when they traded one lifestyle for salvation WTS style. Better to have joined Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show than that!

    It demonstrates the central lie that the WTS rests upon - the ability to convince others that "today we didn't mean what we said yesterday in God's name."

    Is it any wonder that the WTS cannot convert anyone anymore? God's channel is more like an intellectual sewer.


  • moman

    very well put!

  • JT


    Joke - Are we Jamming today or what--
    post well on point- there is no amount of HOOP JUMPING that can be done to get wt out of the very hole they have dug- that is why the avg heavy at bethel would never engage in a debate- trying to defend the undefendable is a joke

    so it is left to the poor jw in the field to try and put a happy face on the situation

    it must be like Bin Ladin- telling the troops

    "Guys Allah is going to give us the victory" and about that time another F-15 blows by dropping it's 2tons load

    and all the while he is telling the troops we are winning

    same with guys like YK they continue to tell THEMSELVES we are winning SOON GOD WILL VIDICATE US while all around them tons of damaging information is being dropped on them

    that is why so many jw almost laugh when they here that to REPEAT the rev book in the bookstudy is due to the need for reminders is a joke

    I think that the long post YK gave has got to be the best example of how a jw can't Refute the paper trail of the wt

    and like i tell you all guys all the time- it is not the current jw who wants so badly to hold on that interest me- it is the NONJW those who have not bought into the WE SPEAK FOR GOD and these persons are so willing to look at all the cards on the table and they see clearly thru all the fog that jw like YK put up in defense of wt

    great post man

  • moman

    Sometimes,I think the Borg could tell the 'sheep' to strip naked & stand on their heads while reading the Revelation book backwards in Greek & they would do it!
    Could the point of some of their silly CRAP be to test their brainwashing effectiveness?

  • You Know
    You Know
    The WTS claims explicitly to be "God's sole channel of communication with mankind."

    Actually, that's not true. The Bible is "God's sole channel of communication with mankind." The Watchtower, as the agency of the faithful and discreet whom Christ authorized, has authority only over those in God's household. Being God's channel means that only the Watchtower is recognized as having the authority over God's people.

    So (a) they claim to speak for God as his prophet.
    Correct. Only they don't claim to have direct communication with him that the OT prophets had. But, that has already been throughly discussed and there's no point rehashing it again. / You Know
  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    You're misinformed, as usual, even about yr own faith;

    WT 1958 Aug 15. p. 488

    "In all ways the the WTS is serving God's purpose as an efficient legal instrument of his dedicated and anointed servants who are the true channel of communication with Jehovah God today

    Note they say "who are."

    As for Deut 18 - the only requirment was that the prophet claimed to speak and come in God's name. Your extra qualifications are unbiblical. The WTS claims to come as a prophet and speak in God's name. However you cut it, they are a false prophet.


  • You Know
    You Know

    To which I reply, again: What have they "channeled" to me from Jehovah that I couldn't read in the Bible? / You Know

  • Lionel_P_Hartley

    That they are God's channel. Are you really that dense?

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    dizzy yet?
    I know I am

  • California Sunshine
    California Sunshine

    Dear Lionel,


    I'm filing this for future use....don't worry, I'll give you the credit.

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