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    refiners fire

    Flower. I would certainly think it not appropriate to say anything at the moment. You are not settled down enough yourself yet, and now youre thinking of coming out in the open to your parents with Apostate notions?While youre living under their roof?
    Its a bloody shame, I admit, that you cant even talk to your own family about what you are THINKING.But thats a cult for you.
    Id be content to vent your opinions here for a time if I were you.
    Get yourself sorted out before you try helping your folks.
    Get yourself a place of your own, once you do that you can start planting little bombs in your parents minds.
    This technique works. Every time they say something that gives you a lead in, you just plant a couple of thoughts, dont push it, let them lead, in time these thoughts you plant will bear fruit.
    Flower, it might be a couple of years before the vine bears fruit.
    Be prepared for a long war of attrition.

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    yea i know you are right but its going to be hard. i guess it will get easier once i move from here and dont have to be confronted with it. its painful to watch

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    Reading your post almost made me cry. I am going through a similar experience with my own parents.

    I would like to offer this little tidbit. There is a LOT of help available for those who are newly blind. If your mother is unable/unwilling to attend the school, maybe you could start by making contact with your local ACB (American Council of the Blind) or NFB (National Federation of the Blind) chapter. They can provide a wealth of information and support. I know from personal experience that there is very little that a blind person cannot do.

    It may be a help to your mom to talk to others who have lost their sight due to illness or injury. I would be more than happy to put her in touch with some amazingly succesful individuals who became blind after childhood.


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