Sat., March 28th, TV program "48-hours" investigates JW killer, Christian Longo. Focuses on his impersonation of journalist

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  • sparrowdown

    I read the book the journalist wrote about this story. Chilling to say the least.

    In fact, reading this story contributed to me waking up.

  • Simon
    Updated title
  • AndersonsInfo

    Thanks Simon for fixing the title. Sure don't want anyone to be confused when the program airs. I hear it's outstanding.


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    interesting Sparrow Down, what part of this story was it that helped you wake up?

  • recovering
    It is on now
  • Quarterback


    What did the FOX say?

  • tenyearsafter
    There is a film called "True Story" detailing the Christian Longo saga. It stars James Franco as Longo. It was very well done, catching all the evil creepiness of this guy. It is definitely worth catching when it is released.
  • sparrowdown

    @cha ching - There seemed to be so many strange details about this case that didn't seem to add up.

    For instance the sister he married was older than him she was the "babysitter"?? (Weird!)

    They got married and started up a business (cleaning?) and hired all bro's and sis' s, which of course made them real popular. He got appointed as a mini servant if I remember correctly, but it was all unraveling behind the fascade, and then the cong really turned their back on them as a family and the guy just couldn't take it.

    This in no way excuses him snapping the way he did but I honestly think he is a psychopath in the textbook definition of the word. The way it was potrayed in the book it seemed like the cong was only interested in them while they were running a successful business, employing half the cong and being the toast of the town.

    I really felt that the cong let down this woman and her children badly.

    All the descriptions of congregation life for this couple sounded like a very familiar scenario, and I thought, wow I have met couples like this and been in congregations like this.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Thx, SparrowDown, I am always interested in what type of thing helps people awaken... Sometimes doctrine, sometimes just the simple everyday "what are these people realllllllly like" situations.... like not really being as "loving" or "do unto your neighbor as your self" or being more interested in who is rich and popular...

    Sometimes that is what helps people recognize this is not "the truth," or "holy spirit" is not directing these people, or "what is Jesus doing in heaven for these last 100+ years? does he allow this? does he direct this?"

  • Finkelstein

    Christian Longo looks like a person who lived in two identifying personalities , one structured on pretentious righteousness, well his first name was Christian after all ... and another personality of irresponsible materialistic greed .

    I've known JWs who were corrupt and devious in their behavior and these were the ones who said its Satan's system of things that actually caused their behavior, deflecting responsibility off themselves.

    A very tragic story for sure especially for the wife and kids.

    This poor woman thought she was marrying a nice righteous brother in her Hall , when the exact opposite was true, it unfortunately cost her and her childrens lives.

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