Sat., March 28th, TV program "48-hours" investigates JW killer, Christian Longo. Focuses on his impersonation of journalist

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  • AndersonsInfo

    “48 Hours” investigates accused killer who impersonated journalist

    March 27, 2015, 8:20 AM|A journalist strikes up an unlikely friendship with an accused killer who took his name -- what happened next would become a book and a film. "48 Hours" correspondent Maureen Maher joins "CBS This Morning" to preview Saturday's “48 Hours."

    Background of Longo:

    The Register-Guard, Eugene, OR, Mar. 2, 2003

    When Lincoln County detectives askedChristian Longo why he moved his family to Oregon, he immediately raised theissue of his disfellowshipping in late 2000.

    "Primarily everything was gettingtoo stressful in Michigan, with everybody being so close," he said,according to the court transcriptof a January 2002 jailhouse interview."It was a little ways before that time that I was disfellowshipped fromthe religious aspect of our life. And everybody was kind of compounding on usfrom that level."

    A spokesman for his former Kingdom Hallin Ypsilanti, Mich., said Longo was "put out" after being convictedof forgery and writing morethan $30,000 in bad checks.

    One relationship severed as a result waswith his own father, an elder in the congregation, Longo told detectives.

    He also said Kingdom Hall members werevisiting MaryJane at home, suggesting that she consider "maintaining alittle bit more of a separation from me, not just outside, but even within thehousehold, justbeing a little bit more distant than she probably was ... Stillbeing a wife, but not being so devoted to sticking by everything that Idid."

    The couple concluded they "neededto distance ourselves from that," Longo said.

    They moved to Toledo, Ohio, in thespring of 2001 - a development so alarming to MaryJane's sisters that theydrove to Toledo and begged her to return to Michigan, the Associated Pressreported in January2002. They took her to a restaurant so she could speakfreely, but she insisted she would not leave her husband.

    When her cell phone was disconnectedlater that year, the sisters again drove to Toledo. But the Longos had alreadymoved on, leaving behind such sentimental treasures as family photo albums.MaryJane's family filed a missing persons report, but withdrew it afterpostcards in her handwriting were mailed from South Dakota in November. She'dwritten that Longo was in a job training program and that she would send a newaddress once he got a permanent work assignment.

    In fact, the family had been living in asuccession of rental housing on the Oregon Coast. MaryJane was so isolated thatneighbors at their last home, a Newport condominium, didn't even know she andthe children were living with Longo.

    She was last seen alive Dec. 16 at aSalem furniture store, where a salesman remembered her as "aloof andweary." Her body - and those of Zachery, 5, Sadie, 3, and Madison, 2 -would be discovered in coastal inlets Dec. 19, 22 and 27.

  • 3rdgen

    Thanks Barbara,

    I vaguely remember this story but didn't know the connection to JWs. Will be sure to watch tonight.

  • Finkelstein

    Maybe he wrote all those bad cheques thinking it wouldn't matter anyways being that this system of things was going to end soon ?

    The JW religion can incite people to do many irresponsible things, some of that coming from the perceived notion that their sins will be instantly redeemed as soon as they enter the front doors of a Kingdom Hall.

    Certain JWS inherently think that the world is theirs to own and possess, since they are have god's approval and choice from being in his earthly chosen organization and by what the WTS has told them, they will soon own everything thats here to their desire.

    Something tells me Christain Longo couldn't wait for what he was supposedly promised to receive.

  • blondie

    Isn't Saturday March 28? I just set the show to record at 9 p.m. (CST?)

    Christian Longo...........

    About this time a jw (recently df'd) moved up to Oregon from California and killed himself and his immediate family.


    Sat., March 29th, TV program "48-hours" investigates JW killer, Christian Longo. Focuses on his impersonation of journalist

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  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle
    There's a new film, "True Story", starring James Franco as Longo and Jonah Hill as the journalist he impersonated.
  • ABibleStudent

    This is a tragic story. I feel sorry for MaryJane, Zachery, Sadie, and Madison.

    Unfortunately, JWs will feel vindicated of their beliefs by this story because it shows what happens when JWs leave the Watchtower and that MaryJane and the children are guaranteed to live in Paradise Earth. I wish news organizations would show more stories of successful exJWs leaving the Watchtower, than this kind of tragic story.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • AndersonsInfo

    Whoops, I was in a rush to get the information out and posted the wrong date for today. The program airs tonight, March 28th. Sorry.


  • under the radar
    under the radar
    Thanks, Barbara! I just set the DVR to record it tonight, just in case I get distracted and forget. I am definitely planning to see the movie when it comes out next month.
  • SAHS
    Thank you, “AndersonsInfo,” for the tip! I’ll be sure to set my PVR for the airing tonight. Here in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario), it airs on Rogers Cable at 10:00 p.m. (eastern standard time, same time zone as New York, USA).
    I always show these news items to my folks, but they always find ways of justifying things from a JW perspective. My dad is a very well-known, long-time elder in our general area. It seems that no matter what manifests itself in the media, such long-time, entrenched JWs never connect the dots – at least not in their conscious mind, anyway. All well. Every bit of such tidbits and items surely go to helping people at least taking another look at what is their very small world of indoctrination.

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