Jehovah God running short on Cash???

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  • Simon

    I'd be surprised if they are short of money - their whole reason for being really revolves around making money and it's what they concentrate on doing really.

  • uncle jimbo
    uncle jimbo

    Well, they must be hurting financially. I remember 4-5 years ago, there was talk about big time expansion at Kingdom Farm in Lansing, NY. Hundreds of Bethelites were to be moved to the area. WT was going to (or actually did) pay lots of $$$ to upgrade the town's sewer system to handle all the new expansion. Bought the town a fire truck too.

    My dad is actually good friends with the old overseer at Kingdom Farm. Real nice guy, but has lost touch with the outside world. So, the source is valid. Then, the project quietly died.

  • uncle jimbo
    uncle jimbo

    Actually the reason that Jehovah God is running short of cash is that in the US only 5% of JW's have a college education. Opening the doors to college solves nothing, since college is a catch-22 for WT.

    Educated dubs leave and the uneducated don't earn enough to donate anything.

    That right there is why Jehovah has a case of the "shorts" lately.

  • GermanXJW

    I think it is not so far fetched that they are short on cash. Okay, they are wealthy owning real estate. But you cannot pay by real estate. We see a decline in publishers in the more wealthy nations and an increase in the poor countries-and the donation arrangement has been introduced worldwide now. More and more JW are just pretenders and don't really believe the stuff, let alone donating money for it. I think one of the remaining sources are inheritances from dying old JW.

    So, I guess they are short on donations but don't want to sell any real estate. Think about the shutdown of the British Branch project and the latest beg for money in km Jan/2002.

  • GermanXJW

    I remember when the donantion arrangement was introduced in Germany (1991?). The first months, the amount that was read to the congragtion was pretty high. But the amount I heard the last times (over a year ago) was at max. half of it. But I don't know how many publishers donate privately to get a receipt for saving taxes.

    I don't know which consequences the introduction of the Euro currency will have. In Germany 1 Euro is about 2DM, so when someone gave 50DM before he may now give 50Euro. Or he gives 20Euro because there is a 20 and a 50Euro-Note which would be worth less.

    But in other countries there are different exchange rates.

  • Frenchy

    A wise C.O. once told me that the best barometer of the 'spirit' of a congregation was the contribution box. He said that if the publishers were not happy that they would 'punish' you with the only weapon they had...their contributions.

    Could this be world-wide punishment being meted out by a lot of unhappy and downhearted publishers?

    Can't imagine the next rabbit to come out of the hat to boost morale.

  • MadApostate


    Maybe you are only using this twice previously posted News Article with regard to a "donations shortfall" angle, BUT as I've previously been trying to point out, and as is pointed out in the Article, the granting of monies from the AccTax Fund by the city, and the Request/Acceptance of such AccTax Funds by the WTS, "appears" to be a FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION.

    AccTax Fund Grants are supposedly to be used to promote and increase tourism for the "granting community". The AccTax is actually set up and monitored by state government, although the local govt is responsible for deciding who gets the grants based on state eligibility guidelines. One of the requirements is that no type of "discrimination" occur with the use of the grant, including "religious" discrimination.

    IMO, for a City to give $$$ to a religious group that has already been holding Conventions in that city for a decade is a FRAUD committed by the City.

    The WTS has actively participated in this FRAUD all across the U.S. While this Article indicates that this was the first time the WTS got AccTax Funds in this City, it IS NOT the first time in other cities. I even suspect that it was the WTS who initiated the idea in this city based on receipts of such in other cities.

    To request AccTax Fund Grants, the WTS has had to submit a detailed Application in each instance, which outlines "why" they should receive this Grant, "how" they will promote local tourism, etc. The Grant requires them to submit "Financial Statements", and other financial info both before and after.

    IMO, this IS NOT a situation where the WTS could say, "Well, the Cities are the ones committing the crime. We are just asking, and they are doing the giving." The WTS is a Co-conspirator. They have to complete way too much paperwork to try to shiff all the responsibility over on the City.

    Here's that Article again. Note the bolded portions:


    Kennewick, Richland subsidies for church event raises questions

    This story was published 1/4/2002

    By John Trumbo
    Herald staff writer

    Kennewick and Richland have agreed to chip in $6,000 each to help subsidize the Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower convention scheduled this summer.

    The $12,000 will help pay for renting the Tri-Cities Coliseum, which Kennewick owns.

    The money is coming from the cities' 2002 hotel-motel lodging tax fund. Half of the first 2 percent of the tax from each city goes to the Tri-Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau, and the rest is divvied out as each city desires.
    The Kennewick and Richland councils approved giving motel-hotel tax money to the Tri-Cities Hotel and Motel Association.

    Each council was told by staff that the money would be "solely for the purpose of paying all or any part of the cost of tourism promotion, acquisition of tourism-related facilities, or operation of tourism-related facilities," activities allowed under state law.

    Using the money to subsidize the coliseum rent is questionable, said Keith Lougheed, a specialist in the state auditor's office on lodging tax use.

    "It doesn't sound right," Lougheed said. But unless someone from one of the cities complains to the auditor, it's unlikely the state will investigate, he said.

    "Generally we don't interfere. We do audits (after the fact)," he added. "This is one I would pass by the attorney general."

    Kennewick Councilman James Hempstead, chairman of his city's Local Tax Fund Advisory Committee, said he thought the $6,000 donation was for tourism promotion of the Watchtower events. This is the 10th year the convention is coming to the coliseum.

    Association President Ginny Hill said Tri-City hotels and motels have been chipping in money to help pay the coliseum rent for the Watchtower convention for nine years. This is the first time the association has received a share of the cities' lodging tax money to subsidize the rent, she said.

    This year, the difference between the rent due and what the Jehovah's Witnesses can pay is $17,500.

    With $6,000 each from Richland and Kennewick, motel association members have to come up with the remaining $5,500, Hill said.

    Tom Walker, whose term on the Kennewick council expired Dec. 31, said he, too, understood that the money was "specifically for promotion or advertising" of the Watchtower event, but he didn't know exactly how the association was going to spend it.

    Other council members in Kennewick thought the same. Mayor Jim Beaver could not be reached for comment on the issue.

    But Robert Noland, Kennewick's chief financial officer, said he was aware the money was "going to the coliseum to help pay for the rent," and he believes it is a proper use of the tax money.

    "It can be argued that it is going for tourism," Noland said.

    Although Kennewick could have discounted the rent for the convention and preserved the lodging tax money for other uses, Noland said the way it is being done benefits the bottom line on the coliseum, which has struggled to operate in the black. "We're trying to run the coliseum as a business," he said.

    Promotions Management Inc., which oversees the coliseum for the city, reported just breaking out of red ink in 2001, when it was hoped to have at least $226,000 in profits.

    Richland Councilwoman Rita Mazur said giving the lodging tax money to help with the coliseum rent may appear to be a subsidy for Kennewick's coliseum, but it's well worth it.

    "Our (Richland's) hotel-motel tax committee agreed to it," she said, noting the convention is expected to generate 29,000 visitors over five weekends and bring $9.5 million to the Tri-Cities.

    Richland council members were advised by a staff memo that the $6,000 donation would "complete the bid packet" and help "retain the convention in the Tri-Cities and expand the event to five weeks in 2002."


  • JT

    uncle jim says

    Educated dubs leave and the uneducated don't earn enough to donate anything

    best line i have heard in a long time

  • JT

    MA says:

    To request AccTax Fund Grants, the WTS has had to submit a detailed Application in each instance, which outlines "why" they should receive this Grant, "how" they will promote local tourism, etc

    thanks for that Gem of info- I had no idea that was how it worked-

    you got to love the boys in brooklyn
    if any other faith did that they would get DOGGGGGGGGGGED

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