Designing your ideal home, Describe your dream

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  • expatbrit

    I think a nice country house would do me ok. Here's a local one from my neck of the woods back home that I wouldn't say no to:


  • razorMind

    My dream home would be like this:

    Minus the dinosaurs, though.....

    If the tree house wasn't an option, I'd definitely live in the forest. I'd have a smaller 2-story house with those tall, big windows that you could sit in. Nice, big rooms. The windows would be able to open like doors. And the exterior would have that "natural-wood" look with no paint. Lots of soft deep carpeting, with quilts and big pillows on the floor. The overall inside decor would be rusts, deep reds, burnt oranges, and natural wood colors.

    Located beside a small stream, preferably with rocks and a small waterfall where I could bathe occasionally. A small furnished place beside the stream in case I do bathe there. And nice big decks all around. Trees would be visible in every window in the house. AND THE HOUSE WOULD BE TEMPERATE YEAR-ROUND.

    Not sure about the shape of the my dreams I'd be able to afford creative architects. I'd just tell 'em, "Look, think up a weird funky shape for a house and just build it!"

  • razorMind

    please disregard---posted twice (sorry)

  • Undine


    What does your dream home look like?


  • GoldDustWoman

    It is my spouses dream to build us a custom home.

    The one feature he goes on the most about is a VERY long bathroom counter with TWO sinks, clearly marked "HIS and "HERS".


  • Carmel

    I already live in my castle! Before moving I had a great cave on the side of Mt. Carmel. Great view, cool draft in the summer...sandy beach at my feet. Gave it all up for my Oregon dream home..


  • unclebruce

    I dream of living in a home made of oregon like Bro.Eli. It sounds lovely. When my atlas and I meet up I'm turning to the Colombia river mouth. Jezabaals still chas'n ya Eligah?

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