Who's behind the WT / JW.org?

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  • Illuminated

    I strongly believe it goes much deeper than the appearance of it all; that it is led by the super-elitist. That all cults, especially the major ones such as Scientology, Mormon, and Moonies are rooted back to the super-elite.

    As far as Ray Franz not mentioning anything in his book - he also didn't mention sexual abuse, so I don't feel he was sharing the whole picture. What if one of the reasons he left was finding out it was led by a certain group of people, yet he didn't have the evidence needed to include it in his books, or he feared mentioning them directly?

    I wouldn't put this "idea" past them as many of you were once in a place where you felt it was "the truth".

  • cofty
    Tin foil hat time.
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Imagine the corporation you would run if 5 million people were assessed $100 each year to sit in a facility that they built you with their donations and free labour. There are thousands of these fleecing sites around the world in use each and every week end.

    The people being fleeced ( Jehovahs silly Witnesses) pay for everything! - and do all of the promotional, recruiting, distribution, public relations, and provide much of the real estate development labour. JWs built it all but Watchtower owns it all, controls it all and does so secretly.

    There is no legal obligation to disclose where a billion dollars of tax free donations disappear to evey year - but lawyers will make sure it disappears to somewhere safe and secret.

    Donations to the watchtower are not used to preach - Jws are doing all that at their own expense.

    Donations to the Watchtower are not used to build Kingdom Halls - Jws are paying every cent for the new buildings that they will never own.

    Donations to the Watchtower for insurance likely just disappear into Watchtowers offshore Captive Companies

    The passing of tax free status for religion around the turn of the century established ''religion'' as the most lucrative snare and racket of the time.

    No need for wealthy conspirators - fools and their money are easily separated with gods help.

  • Vidiot

    They're controlled by the Reptilians!

    (David Icke says so.)

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    N M Rothchild & Sons Limited
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i read somewhere that russell issued shares--are there shareholders now ?

    i think the GB--and other prominent types are probably genuine in their chosen few delusion---or why else would someone running a multi-billion dollar business settle for a rolex and free accommodation. do any of them actually own any property ?

  • millie210

    I think it has always been the GB that are in charge at least until now.

    As this religion gets rich and more mainstream that will change out of necessity. It will be just like all the other religions as they grew bigger.

  • economy
    Cofty has put it correctly!
  • Vidiot

    millie210 - "As this religion gets rich and more mainstream that will change out of necessity. It will be just like all the other religions as they grew bigger."

    Your assuming that they'll actually get richer and more mainstream.

    I'm pretty confident neither is gonna happen.


    Corporations don't liquidate/consolidate assets, intruduce mandatory fixed revenue flow, and actively alienate significant portions of their work force (moderates and liberals) if they're feeling financially solvent and secure.

    Not to mention that the WTS "business model" is based - in part - on one significant aspect of 20th century capitalism; it requires constant aggressive growth to survive. That just ain't happening in the Western World, where all the money is.


    As for "mainstreaming", they can't do that either.

    Authentic - and more importantly - successful mainstreaming (i.e. progressive reform) involves significant internal change... abandoning exclusionist rhetoric, apocalypticism, shunning, creationism, homophobia, and the demonization of the wider world around them.

    If they actually did leave those aspects of themselves behind, however, they'd arguably no longer be Jehovah's Witnesses; they're just too deeply imbedded in the religion's DNA.

  • hoser

    Donations to the Watchtower forinsurance likely just disappear into Watchtowers offshore CaptiveCompanies

    Absolutely. I know of a Kingdom Hall involved in a natural disaster where they solicited for donations. What about the insurance the congregation has been paying into for decades?
    The watchtower has its' cake and gets to eat it too!

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