JWs and piracy (digital kind)

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  • vivalavida

    I agree 100% with the fact that the WTS doesn't care about piracy, except when it is its own products. If they did and knowint that, for example, the WTLibrary is used in a lot of third world countries and is considered, as read in another thread, as the "Holy Google", they would have long created an open source version of the program or, at least, a version that would run on Linux or another open source operating system.

    The fact that it doesn't exist, forces a lot of them to steal the software. I remember when they changed the program and then it was 'required' to have Windows XP. Several brothers came to me wanting a copy of XP because it was necessary for the "Holy Google".

    If there were an open source version, I bet lots of brothers would install it, because lots of them use their computers ONLY (at least that's how they portray it) to check the WTLibrary.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    My Dad, Jehovah's Terrorist, has no concept of copyright. I have explained it to him, hoping he would be pissed off, but he pretends he didn't understand and continues to pirate DVDs from the local library. My mother's brain is turned off.

    My wife understands copyright, but is OK with breaking the rules if it saves her money.

    Until ......

    .... She gives me the evil eye when she finds out that I am downloading music to my jukebox that I already have hardcopy of, and, therefore, have the legal right to play. I have to explain copyright law to her all over again. AAAARGGGHHH

    She has noticed that my computer doesn't have our outdated WTCD 2001 any more, but she hasn't bothered to offer me legal updates to the 2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,2008, versions that have passed through my computer in the intervening years. Yes, I do have 2009. If it is not a legal copy, it's her fault. She is the one who goes to the KH and she has had plenty of time to get one. It's not like she can deny me one. I had the misfortune to be born into this cult and all of my family want me to join, so denying me access to litterature is not an option for them. Period.



  • WTWizard

    Morally, they are hypocrites. They claim stealing is wrong, yet they steal things like this.

    As for how wise it is, I would never pirate software. Besides that it is stealing, you are likely to get a bad version of it. There are no updates, which can lead to security problems. You are as likely to get a bad version--that is, one that is corrupt. Such versions are also risky for having viruses included with the program. It is not worth it.

    Pirating music and videos is the same. I do not agree that one should absolutely never use a P2P program--there are lots of classic songs that have just plain disappeared, and if you don't steal them, you can't get them at all. But, I do not like using these programs to steal songs that are current. Besides clogging the system with everything but what I am looking for, it steals the livelihoods of those who made the songs. That is a disincentive from producing new music, and everyone loses. If you are going to steal songs, steal elusive songs and not current hits.

    Plus, when you steal a song, there is a chance that you are also going to get an unwanted bonus: a virus. Those come at no extra charge--and sometimes these things can ruin your computer or even connect you to the Botnet. What happens is an infected computer will use these programs to spread themselves along with a file, or someone will post a virus with the correct tags. Either way, you are not going to like the file--I practically stopped using these programs last April when they had the worm going around. If you are going to steal a song (and I recommend only stealing songs you can't otherwise get at all), at least use two different antivirus programs to scan the files before opening.

  • leavingwt

    Does anyone know a JW that keeps under the 55 mph state highway speed limit?

  • dgp

    Marked for reference.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob
    Take Adobe Photoshop for example. That's one of the most pirated pieces of software out there, and why? How many of these people really need advanced photo editing features that aren't covered in free pieces of software like Paint.Net or Gimp?

    Gimp is an awesome program! And the interface and shortcuts are almost photoshop! I love photoshop and what it does but gimp, does everything I need and its FREE!

    When I ws a student I think the only free piece of software on my computer was the OS. In addition I had mp3s galore. Not because I wanted them but they were there, although I will say I was more selective in what I downloaded than some friends!

    Now I don't tend to copy much apart from albums and tv shows that are hard to find, the only other thing I download is the latest shows of top gear and other tv programs like ashes to ashes, so that I don't miss out. Is it stealing, yes, do I feel bad, not really as I still pay for the bbc.

    Does my wife give me the its wrong speech! Hell no! She brought me a free to air satellite systems so I could watch unlimited dish network and cricket and rugby!

  • Brocephus

    I just want to thank you for putting (digital kind) For a moment I had a panic attack. I thought they'd start dressing like this for field service.

  • BurnTheShips

    Technically, snagging media online isn't stealing, it is infringement.


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