Does Anyone Know when the Memorial is this year?

by SeekingSanity 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • agonus

    "Seeking, why would you partake at a JW event? There are plenty of other places that follow the reasoning you put forth from John 6.

    Just curious....its highly doubtful they will count you."

    To make a public declaration of your faith where it most needs to be demonstrated.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    I can't wait, stale bread and cheap wine. Who wouldn't go to get that?

  • SeekingSanity


    I am doing it at a JW event because that is where I feel my assignment is. I go almost every year to this place. This was the congregation that disfellowshiped me. The thought that I was disfellowshiped; I was aware of the fact that it may not be counted, but that's irrelavent. One year a little boy about 12 years of age came up to me and asked if I was annointed. I told him Yes. And he asked how do I knew that. I said 'Everyone is invited to eat and drink the bread and one' or something to that effect...and if eel that it might have caused some sort of understanding either then or somewhere down the line. Thanks all!


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