Does Anyone Know when the Memorial is this year?

by SeekingSanity 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • SeekingSanity

    Anyone Know when the Memorial is this year?


  • shamus100

    Why? Ya going?

    Oh, how I wonder how the old snare of 'I'll just go once a year' gets some people. It really means nothing.

    I don't know nor care if you really are going; I'm just musing as to how some let their minds stay in the cult long after they leave. I call it yearly guilting.

  • donuthole

    I think it is on Nisan 14 this year.

  • Gayle

    March 30

  • bubba flavel
    bubba flavel

    I'm not sure if I'd call it yearly guilting, more like residual brainwashing.

    I know I still have it 30 years latter

  • fokyc
  • WTWizard

    It is March 30. And there is a waste of paper distribution campaign advertising it, starting March 13. You may find a waste of paper in your door, since the article expressly gives the hounders permission to tell people to leave them at first-time not at homes.

    Hopefully, given that the 2008 waste of paper distribution campaign yielded something like 85-90% of the territory unfinished after 22 days, this one will do as poorly with only 18 days. When are those dingbats going to realize that you cannot complete a territory in 18 days, especially if there is a big storm, cold snap, or the flu hits a whole region during that period?

  • SeekingSanity

    I am going but not becuase i'm attached to the organization somehow. First of all, I'm disfellowshiped, I've written to the society and written to the elders informing them of various misunderstandings. I was disfellowshiped because I believed the Bible OVER the watchtower. I am going to PARTAKE because that is what John 6:51-54 states... that 'ANYONE may eat of it' and live... Doesn' tmean JUST the annointed but rather 'UNLESS you eat the flesh of the Son of man and Drink his blood, you have NO life in you' partaking is a reminder of what they SHOULD do. They are the ones that are 'shutting up the kingdom of the heavens' by telling people that ONLY 144000 are the ones to eat. Even though John 6:51-54 states 'ANYONE' may eat of it. And 'UNLESS you have no life in yourselves' ...

    I am not a Jw anymore. I have my faults...I get lonely, I get depressed. I get mad, I get upset. I am human. I have my ups and downs as anyone else here does. That doesn't mean we ought not to partake. It's BECAUSE of those reasons that we OUGHT to that our sins can be covered by the Blood of Christ.


  • LostGeneration

    Seeking, why would you partake at a JW event? There are plenty of other places that follow the reasoning you put forth from John 6.

    Just curious....its highly doubtful they will count you.

  • agonus

    "It's BECAUSE of those reasons that we OUGHT to that our sins can be covered by the Blood of Christ."


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