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  • COMF

    They have doctors for this stuff, man. Go see one. I did. Spent years sleeping fitfully and feeling drugged throughout the day because of missing REM sleep. Bad apnea. So back in April, after proper testing by a sleep clinic and a recommendation, I had surgery to correct some sinus and nasal deformities. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. My whole life changed. Look into it, man.


    PS for those who remember it: that's the operation I posted about that almost killed me when the bleeding wouldn't stop. That scary development aside (it was a problem with high blood pressure), the operation's results met my highest hopes.

  • Mulan

    There was something on the news Friday, about people with round heads being more inclined to have sleep apnea, and snoring. Notice I said people, not men. I've been told I snore too. My husband is the worst though. I kick him. If I can get him to stop for a short time, I can get to sleep. Otherwise, I have to go to bed about a half hour before he does, or it's all over. I may as well just stay up.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)
    "No one can take advantage of you, without your permission." Ann Landers

  • nowaytess

    I have a case of Sleep Aphinia and so does my husband.

    I am on a Bi-pap airway. I had a uvoplasty surgery to my throat and on this machine.

    Sleep aphina is very dangerous. I was misdianosed for many years with bi-polar until my sleep problems were corrected. Sleep deprivation si misdianosed into many mental disorders and can be correct when properly treated. I never knew how tired I really was oeven if I got a good eight ours a night sleep.

    The snoring keeps you from falling into your rem sleep., so you are never fully rested.

    Go to a good sleep clinc and get a sleep study. If you need some surgery or in most cases a c-pap or a bi-pap machine to help push the air into you throat before you soft palette stop you from breathing. YOu are snoring because you are trying to gasp for air.

    One time I was so tired I feel asleep behind the wheel of my car. My car alsomst hit a tree and I just woke up in a split second to stop it. I thank God he saved me from death that night. I had my lisence to drive taken from me for a while until I current treatement.

    If you want, you can email me. My email is in my profile.

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  • unclebruce

    LOL @ COMF,

    So if it doesn't kill him it'll be the best thing aussiemanhunter ever did right? Sorry man, very good advice, you just touched my kinky bone.


    "people in straw houses shouldn't throat snore" annonymouse

  • BoozeRunner

    I USED to snore, but a VERY insightful woman with whom I was very "close" decided to SIT ON MY FACE when the snoring got unbearable. I was CURED, but ruined the relationship when i began to FAKE snoring just for the opportunity to......shall I say, "have desert."

    Boozy, of the NO MORE SNORING CLASS.

  • ladonna

    Thanks to ALL for your insights and experiences; both amusing and serious.....

    ROTFL @ Unc, Comf and LB


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