Obsessiveness: "Do Not Calls"

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  • metatron

    The Organization couldn't exist without a huge dose of encouraged OCD in its membership. (That's Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, to you sane people). Consider the practice of "Do Not Calls".

    Many congregations have their territories marked with "Do Not Calls" - people who have explicitly demanded that Jehovah's Witnesses NOT show up at their door. In the past, various elders would be assigned with the task of making sure that these people still wanted no door to door visits by Witnesses at their homes. After all, they might have moved out or "changed their minds".

    The result? Well, if you only cover your territory once or twice a year - and then, not 'do' every 'not at home' - demanding that no Witnesses harass you with their presence could have the opposite effect of making sure that you got a visit to regularily verify that you still didn't like Witnesses!

    I can recall one old timer at Bethel who honestly admitted that the organization often invited persecution: "And what were they thinking, back then, walking around with signs that said , 'Religion is a snare and a racket' ?" Too true.


  • acolytes

    Hi Metertron

    Actually I would see "Jehovers Witnesses Do not call " signs as a positive. If somebody has gone to all the trouble to stress they are not interested it means:

    They dont want to talk to Jehovers Witnesses. And I loved knocking those doors as it so oftern ended as a good return call. Sometimes I concluded these signs were put up by people who simply couldnt say no. Whilst knocking a door that says "Do not call" may appear disrespectful In my opinion it was justified because I never to my knowledge remember a negative responce from it.

    If on my territory sheet I had "Do not calls" I never followed procedure and ignord it. I wish I had met an apostate on one of those calls-




    I`ve had signs on my front door telling all religious representatives not to call..

    JW repeatedly have ignored them..

    I ask them if they read my sign..

    They said" no"..

    Even after I watched them read it and discuss if they should knock..

    This has happened over and over..

    Even when I moved to a new area..

    The WBT$ trains Jehovah`s Witness to be AssH*les..

    ......................... ...OUTLAW

  • Farkel

    met, acolytes, OUTLAW,

    Your three posts confirm that the WTS has virtually no respect for people's privacy wishes, especially dubs, but also "worldly" people who explicitly have stated they want nothing to do with their pathetic Cult.



    Good Morning Farkel!!..

    You nailed it my friend..

    If the WBT$ was at all..

    Interested in Truth..

    They would have phoned you,years ago..

    ......................... ...OUTLAW

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    I lived in a rural territory and we never came close to covering all the territory in a year, but they would do all the "do not call" doors every year before CO came. I said that they spend more time calling on the ones who told them that they weren't interested than on people who may want the info. I received blank stares.

  • villabolo


    "I can recall one old timer at Bethel who honestly admitted that the organization often invited persecution: "And what were they thinking, back then, walking around with signs that said , 'Religion is a snare and a racket' ?" Too true."

    In Rutherfords day they would send cars with bullhorns, into neighborhoods on quiet Sunday mornings, blasting his sermons.


  • Mattieu

    Hi Metatron, I was the territory servant for at least 6 years and had the entire list of DNC for our territory of some 50+ maps. Not once during that time did any elder approach me for that list as not one had the balls to go out knocking despite a c/o requesting it be done.


  • wobble

    Obviously it is different depending on the Cong. or individual Witless, we had one or two Elders who would ignore DNC requests, arrogant SOB's. and we had a Service Overseer who religiously did them every year.

    He was a Reg. Pio. and the most negative presenter of the "Truth" I have ever seen, along the lines of "I suppose you don't want these magazines"

    I guess he did the DNC's for the reason above, easy work.

    We still had a lot of R&F who would respect the requests, so I think if we can encourage as many people we know as possible to put up signs or get on the list or both, it will curtail the Dubs enthusiasm at the very least.

    A sign needs to threaten prosecution if ignored, Dubs wont risk being hit in the pocket.



  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I remember a few DNC's on individuals who had pulled weapons on someone knocking on their door. It was the San Fernando area of Los Angeles. Hillibillies.

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