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  • villabolo

    A side bar on the wish Jehovah's Witnesses have to make it into their Paradise Earth. EVEN if the end come within their lifetime what makes them think that they will survive the Great Tribulation especially if they are faithful? I have not read too many Watchtowers from the past few decades but I used to remember that the Witnesses in the 1970s used to emphasize persecution and possible martyrdom in the Great Tribulation. The persecution in other countries like Malawi was used as an example of what would happen to them before Armageddon.

    Aussie Oz:

    HIM: I know some apostates try to use this against the Society. Brother Rutherford obviously believed it would come in his lifetime, as has true followers of Christ throughout the ages. That feeling will persist until it is true and it keeps us save in Jehovah's organization.

    I also remember an elder, the one who first studied with me, telling me that the failure of 1975 was Jehovah's way of keeping us faithful until the real end because if we knew that it would not come soon we would become unfaithful! Another gross contradiction with another, supposedly THE CENTRAL, doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses. The doctrine of Jehovah's Sovereignty: Why He allowed Satan to question Him in the first place with all the misery for Humanity that entails. Satan stated that the only reason people like Job served Jehovah was because of the selfish benefits that they would get from Him not out of any intrinsic love for Him.

    Jehovah's response to Satan was to allow him to torture Job by destroying everything he ever worked for and brutalizing him physically and psychologically. THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AN EXAMPLE FOR ALL WITNESSES TO FOLLOW. But they spurn this very idea by obviously implying that the Witnesses are so faithless that they are not willing to live through a normal lifetime of normal grief. Well Satan has been vindicated because if those feeble minded and cowardly Witnesses cannot live through normal times without being fooled by Jehovah into thinking the end was close do you think they'll withstand persecution of any sort when the end actually approaches?

    The Jehovah of the Watchtower should have kept His mouth shut when Satan challenged Him because His so called Witnesses would never even want to, let alone be able to approach, Job's living martyrdom.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    My mother just died 3 weeks ago. Her fervent wish, hope and prayer was to live to see the end of this system of things. She was 84 and for damn sure had did her part to make that wish come true.

    Sadly in the end thats all it is...a wish. With about as much chance of happening, as a 5 year old's wish for his own spaceship.

  • leec

    Wow, I never expected this. I always thought the obviously better option was to die before all that tribulation stuff happens. What's the big attraction to having to live through it? The dead are spared having to experience horrific calamities. What am I missing here? (I hope it's at least something more than gawking at catastrophe.)

    p.s. darth -- I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    What's the big attraction to having to live through it? The dead are spared having to experience horrific calamities. What am I missing here?

    No sex if your resurrected

  • WTWizard

    "Expectations postponed keeps making the heart sick."

    I have seen many a washtowel article that mentions this. I have even seen a couple of them that said "And, when things hoped for never come, it is absolutely devastating."

    Now, the same organization that recognizes this is actually producing expectations that they know are never going to come. They have to know that it is going to be devastating, and I think a lot of witlesses are going to be devastated when "a generation" being two generations strung end to end like Christmas lights means the things they hoped for will never happen.

  • designs

    Existentialism 101- Come to grips with your own mortality and get on with Life.

  • oompa

    wizzard....uhoh!....u just made a jw see what you want to....there is no mention of an overlapping SECOND generation...the 1914 one just overlaps OTHER LIVING ANNOINTED!!!.....thus making it possible for this generation of 1914 to go in both directions for eternity or until there are no people or annointed............lmao......and shoot me or put me in the cold icy creek.........oompa

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