ANYBODY got ANYWHERE with the new generation light? dad...

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  • oompa

    made me cry after i sent it to him...he and mom are in great health....super fit....late sixties....and he finally said what i did a few years ago basically....but to hear your dad say it....the long long term superwise superfine superlogical elder.....

    "Son...I have finally decided that I will die before this system ends"

    I mean geeze....even saying "this system" is sooooo much a cult buzzword....where the hell do they get that anyway?"?....could not say die before the end comes....or at least the article has had one effect...........crap..........oompa

  • cofty

    wow, I feel bad for that generation of witnesses who are coming to terms with their own mortality.

    My dad is in his 70s now and in good health. I have a very clear memory from the early 1970s of being on holiday and dad and I were skimming stones on Lock Earn in Perthshire. He said how much he wanted the new system to come soon. It was a real "sigh from the heart", no doubt he was feeling the pressure of life. How sad

  • dinah

    I feel sorry for the older witnesses too. The new light surely must have taken some wind out of their sails.

  • Mary

    My dad's going to have fit once he reads the "noo-lite" on the generation issue. After the fiasco in the Nov 1995 issue, my poor father I believe realized that the New System is NOT going to be here before he dies and that scares the living shit out of him.

    Unfortunately, people like my parents have been Witnesses all their lives and they're not going to give it up now. It's horrifying how this stinking rotten cult can destroy so many lives.

  • thetrueone

    It's a shame that people get involved with impractical delusional dreams that take them clearly way out of reality.

    This new generational change up by the marketing executives of the WTS. just gave themselves indefinite support for the future.

    They still have the precarious sighs of the times to hold on to in connection with " This Generation " for self marketing purposes.

    The wiping clean of any proverbial importance to 1914 is being completely washed away as its usefulness has now become redundant.

    1914 will just become old light as they say in JW language, removed from doctrinal teachings for its commercial attributes forever.

  • Think About It
    Think About It's been a long time since I've looked at a WT. Can only vaguely remember the Nov 1995 article on "Generation" new light. I'm wanting to review that, before checking out the "newer light" article. Is there a site I can find it or can someone post a link.

    Thanks in advance.

    Think About It

  • oompa

    "stinking rotten cult"........bless you Mary....the mother of our savior jesus h christ arent you?..............oompa


  • Mary

    Yes.....Yes I am Oompa. On your knees human!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Think About It. Start here.



  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Below is a little facebook chat i had over rutherfords millions now living will never die.. The guy stated that millions now living will never die. It shows the thinking or lack thereof, that they have, Even if it was not true (rutherfords prediction) it kept us safe and will be true one day so thats ok. With reason like that how can we get anywhere with them on generation?

    ME: But i see you are talking about millions now, whereas Rutherford was refering to millions alive 90 years ago!

    HIM: I know some apostates try to use this against the Society. Brother Rutherford obviously believed it would come in his lifetime, as has true followers of Christ throughout the ages. That feeling will persist until it is true and it keeps us save in Jehovah's organization. Still the idea that millions will survive Armageddon is a valid one. oz

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