OMG i did not just have a two hour WT fight with my wife again!!!!

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  • oompa

    awww thanks for the hugs sunspot...and ya!..what would we do without outlaws great humor!...he used to kick my he is my lover!...or loves me...which would make him my lover right?

    and mostly non-sexual is just that lmao!....i KNEW that would mess some of you up!......look....even jw chicks have needs....and separation can cause some natural longings....and some people stay together for kids, money, home, even health insurance......and some need some tlc.........oompa

    but this morning it really does look FUTILE!!!

  • jwusr

    >>Mine is a request for a king list.

    Sorry for the OT, but what kind of King list? Babylonian or otherwise?

    And sorry about the futile situation Oompa- pretty worried about possibly facing someting like that myself down the road. At least you got some TLC!

  • brainwashed-from-birth

    Unfortunately you can not fight with someone who is "NOT WRONG". when she can use cult control words like "truth" and "faith". what can you do?

    I do know you will never get those two hours back. Try to avoid the subject, or find someone that is not obsesssed with fantasy. I am so ashamed I used to buy all that garbage JW beliefs. She is only fighting with you cuz she thinks you are going to die literally.

  • oompa

    bfb.....maybe she just really really wants in my pants?....and everything must be in order of course........oompa

  • brainwashed-from-birth

    u got a pm homie

  • JRK

    "bfb.....maybe she just really really wants in my pants?....and everything must be in order of course........oompa"

    You have already semi-cryptically admitting boning someone at your class reunion in other posts. If your wife knew, would she "need" you so much?

    To remind you: "cause i partied my ass off all weekend at one, hooked up with my old GF who omg is still smokin hot!!! (i was in way over my head back then and still am prob) but we made a damm fine lookin couple (i was told by many) as many of you facebook friends of mine now already know....ok maybe changing my avatar to a pic with me and her all yummy was a bit much....but i really dont give a damm you can tell by me also switching my status from Married to Complicated!!!"


    "so oompa has lost 15 pounds the last three months....i kinda wanted to...but it is really easy on this diet....for many reasons....leaving wife...going through settlement (arrrggghhh)....pending divorce.....pending totally losing jw parents and son, and of course already lost all my lifelong jw friends....and then of course there is secret trouble aplenty which most of you could prob guesswhat oompa is involved in........"

    I have guessed, as you have suggested, that you are boning other women. Does your wife know?


  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Arguing religion is futile. I hope you're being honest with your wife. It would be wrong to take advantage of her if you no longer see a way to patch things up. You need to be honest with yourself too. Decide what you want and get on with your life.

    Life is way too short for so much drama. Believe me, I have an extended family that specializes in it.

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