Ho hum the time has come!

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Congratulations, MisFit.

    How might your Dad take it?

    You might have to point out to your Mum that both of your parents have chosen not to stay with the religion of their parents, so neither of them have any moral high ground to pontificate from.



  • Robdar

    Just do your thing and do not apologize. You betcha you're gonna catch hell. Since they are going to try to make you suffer, you might as well have a good time.

  • jamiebowers

    Since you were raised in the "truth" you should know that it isn't lying if the person asking the questions doesn't deserve to know, LOL! The only people I know who should be privy to detai;s about your sex life are you and your fiance.

    Please check your pm's.


    A little JW saying to keep in mind if you're feeling bad about lying to dubs: "Theocratic warfare"

    If they can openly lie in court (not just lie but strategize about HOW they're going to lie), then I definitely don't need to feel guilty for lying to them.

  • HappyGuy


    When you say you are Indian, are you from the subcontinent or are you Native American?

  • Sapphy

    Hi MisfitMel - First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    If youre baptised, and still 'active' i.e. go to meetings and out on service, as soon as it becomes known you want to marry a 'worldy' man you will be 'marked'. (whatever you do, don't admit fornication) A local needs talk will probably be given, putting the frighteners on anyone who wants to go to the wedding. i.e. anyone who attends would have their priveledges removed.

    If you're baptised but inactive, they'll probably just council your family not to attend, and maybe try and get some shepherding visits in with you.

  • MisfitMeL

    Thanks Black Sheep! Those are some good points to have in mind. I'm not sure how my dad would take it, but considering he's never really taken an 'active' role in my life, I think he will just say I'm happy for you and I hope you've thought it through or something like that. It's always been so much easier with him!!!

    Oh Robdar I have no intention of apologizing! It will be interesting to watch the fireworks though! lol

    hahaha that's one way of looking at it jamiebowers!! :D I will check my PMs in two ticks.. thanks!

    ILTSF, apparently muslims have a similar thing to the 'lying for the sake of theocratic warfare'... it kinda weirded me out to draw a parallel between the two religions!

    HappyGuy, I am an Indian from the subcontinent. The curry type

    Thank you Sapphy!! I'm baptized but inactive, so you're right, if my mum spills the beans to the other JWs, I might get harrassed with visits or have them try to make my mum not attend the wedding :( I hope she doesn't cave in to their demands, else I will have 0 relations from my side at the ceremony! :(

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