JW's suddenly love me(!) !!!

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  • highdose

    as many of you know, when i left the borg i did the perfect fade by emigrating half way accorss the globe. I have never given out my new address ( the overseass postal service... totaly crap, what can you do huh;) I have also changed my email account too and my phone number. Therefore i have effectively disapeared! This seemed to be fine for my so called "loving brothers and sisters", as they didn't bother to contact me... untill now that is...

    The Uk has recently had a horrible winter, this was preceded by a almost non exsistant summer. With so many of the Brits now planning their summer holidays i have recently started to recive mail to my old email account from them. A comman theme of all of them is: that they are planning a holiday in the sunny med... thought they would come visit me?...could i put them up?...put their freinds/reltivtives up?...recomend some fellow JW's who could put them up?... anyone recognising a pattern here?

    I'm tempted to email back and say that i now live in Iceland! Do they still want to come visit?

  • acolytes

    Hi Highdose Iam from the UK and now live in Sweden .I love watching friends get off the airplane during winter visits. Once it was minus 20 and a freezing wind as my friend got off the plane with only a light jacket, no hat,gloves or scarff.


  • fokyc


    I recognise the symptoms perfectly, we have lived/worked in some of the nicest places on the planet.

    We were regularly contacted for 'advice on where to stay if you haven't space for us' ! etc.

    We even let an elder live for a year in our UK home base for FREE! He never speaks to me now!!!

    We have even had visitors from NY Bethel placed with us by the PO (CoBoE).

    The vast number of the JW's are always looking for a handout of some kind.


    PS Would love to visit you in Iceland, if you are there!

  • spawn

    The common JW's going on holiday, can we find some mug to put us up or do they know of brothers who could.

    They should have a holiday company called Tight Arses Abroad. Every thing on the cheap or fee.

  • Chalam

    Hello HD,

    Maybe the best thing is just to ignore the emails?

    Personally I would let the remaining friends know the new address and just scrap the old mailbox.

    Alternatively, your email program probably has a 'bounce' function if you just want to keep the mailbox but send the appropriate message to the freeloaders.



  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous


    how could I reproach them for this small imperfection, I mysellf have done that, including over the pond. Mind, both giving and receiving. Being a JW has to have its perks, to make up for the many miseries it carries.


  • OnTheWayOut

    They want you or strangers to them to "put them up." Yes, one big happy cheap-ass family, these JW's.

    Give them links to hotels, not necessarily in your city, or country. Iceland sounds good.

  • wobble

    Iceland is way too nice, tell them you are now in North Korea, and the guards won't let you e-mail any more.



  • highdose

    of course i could always invite them over, and then take them to meeting of apostates? hahahaha she cackles wickedly;)

  • worldtraveller

    Agreed. Ignore them and ignore the email. If the emails don't automatically bounce back, that is an indication to them that you still use the account. You are still traceable. Close the account and they should get the message.

    BTW I have found a better way to recycle WT flyers. On my way to the beach to my daily walk, I pass a KH and drop them off at their front door with a note from SATAN!

    The devil you say!

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