Nuclear Physicist Becomes Jehovah's Witness Believes Bible & Science Don't Conflict

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  • frankiespeakin

    I was browsing the WT web sight and I came across this article about a nuclear physicist who became a JW and got baptised the same year he graduated I can't believe it.

    He was won over by the logic in the Evolution book:

    She gave me a book entitled Did Man Get Here by Evolution or by Creation?* Also, she told my wife that during the Bible study scheduled for the following week, they would consider a Bible prophecy showing that 1914 was a significant year. That was exactly the opening I needed! I told the Witness that I would be at home for the next Bible discussion. I wanted to check the mathematical accuracy of what she was going to discuss about the year 1914.

    That same night I began reading the book that the Witness had left. Frankly, the contents impressed me. It was written in a logical manner, and it contained numerous scientific references concerning the subject of evolution. To my surprise, I learned that the Bible contains much more exact information regarding creation than I had previously realized. I finished examining the book in a few days and had to admit that what the Bible actually states about creation does not contradict the known scientific facts concerning life on earth.

    WT bible date1914 made a bit hit with him:

    I was looking forward to doing a mathematical check of the Bible prophecy concerning the year 1914. I thought that this approach would no doubt intimidate the Witness and, hopefully, help my wife to see the error of the beliefs taught by the Witnesses.

    The following week the Witness returned accompanied by a man who was one of the elders in the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. The elder conducted the Bible study. He considered the prophecies found in chapters 4 and 9 of the Bible book of Daniel, concerning the appearance of Jesus as Messiah and King. My mind was set on finding mathematical inconsistencies in the presentation, but I found none. On the contrary, I was again impressed by the logic of

    I can't believe it I thought he'd be smarter than that.

    Believe science and bible harmonious:

    In my years of doing scientific research, I have never encountered a conflict between a proved scientific fact and a teaching of the Bible. Often, seeming conflicts are caused by a lack of knowledge—either of a scientific teaching or of what the Bible really says.

    He's teaching in college now:

    Today, I still teach at that university and also serve as a full-time minister. I even had time to learn Spanish. Presently, my wife and I serve in a Spanish-speaking congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Huntsville.

    Holy shit!!

  • besty

    seems a genuine enough guy - shame he didn't apply the scientific method to the claims made by JW's - what they now say they said about 1914 is markedly different from what they actually said and is embarrassingly easy to refute, using their own literature.

    every scientific field has its share of outliers and he is likely the only ex-NASA astrophysicist and a JW - thats why he is in the Awake. Newsworthy to other JW's - a bit of a freak show to his peers.

  • frankiespeakin


    I can't believe, that all he wanted to check out was the math of 1914?

    let's see 2520-606=1913+1=1914 yup all works out and I didn't even need a calculator did it all in my head.

    He should be checking the logic, doing research about the starting date, and do the scriptures from one place in the bible have any to do scriptures 500 years apart. Not a very thorough guy, he can do simple math problem but his critical thinking is misfiring.

  • besty

    lol ye - frankiespeaking....a key part of science is the ability to make testable predictions.....not the WTS strong suit by any measure - in fact 100% FAIL. Something has short-circuited in this mans brain....but we all know cults are not about intelligence....

  • bobld

    Nuclear Physicist---Send him to Iran.They will not get the N.B. with such dummies.


  • frankiespeakin

    Note to self don't go to Huntsville, Alabama to study physics where he teaches:

    Later, a supervisor from the Alabama A. & M. University in Huntsville called me. He offered me a teaching position in the physics department. I replied that I would accept the job only if it would enable me to use the bulk of my time for my ministry. I assured him, though, that my activities in the ministry would not detract from the quality of my work in teaching classes. The supervisor agreed. Today, I still teach at that university and also serve as a full-time minister.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Do you think the WT might have used a bit of creative licese with this?

    You would be amazed at how many engineers and scientists believe in religion! Its like they partition their lives between what they are doing (splitting atoms etc etc) and the religion

    I had a friend at university called Dave who did engineering with me and he was the son of some pastor in a baptist church, you know the sort where all of a sudden some one stands up and starts praising the lord! Anyway the guy builds weapons for the Army!

  • ColdRedRain

    Religion and science aren't mutually exclusive, just the JW religion and science.

  • fokyc

    This was posted sometime ago here:

    It would be interesting to hear from Bro. Williams


  • WTWizard

    Either this is totally made up (something the witlesses love to do), or it shows what a waste of talent this cancer really is to society. Like a talented musician or football player quitting their career to become witlesses, when a talented scientist becomes a witless, there is a loss to society. This could have been the one that develops nuclear fusion and gets it past the Establishment--I hope the resulting fake energy crisis affects the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery.

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