Is the Governing Body really Jehovah's mouthpiece?

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  • dgp

    On another thread, African GB Member wondered whether the members of the governing body really believe what they preach. I think they don't. And that led me to this thought:

    Unless I misunderstood what I have read, the governing body claims that Jehovah communicates with them and tells them what to do. They are God's mouthpiece, they say. We can assume that all members of the governing body enjoy this privilece. And we can assume that Jehovah is of one mind only. For example, he wouldn't tell one member of the governing body that transfusions are right, only to tell the other brother that transfusions are wrong (so much for him being all-powerful). So, how come the governing body itself recognizes that its members are not always of the same mind about issues, to the extent that they make decisions by a majority of two thirds? Do they routinely expect Jehovah to inspire one third of them in a different, perhaps opposing manner? What kind of a god would Jehovah be if he routinely had fun at the expense of his faithful and discreet slaves and inspired them different ideas?

    Opinions, anybody? Thank you!

  • bulgogiboy

    Hey dgp,

    Can you post a link to the thread about the African GB body member and his concerns over the GB's beliefs please?

    I saw a youtube video a little while back , it was an official spokesman of the WT, being interviewed in Bethel. He was being interviewed by some secular new channel or documentary makers. What he said went totally against the rhetoric you find in the magazines and at the conventions. He explicitly said that the WT was NOT used as God's mouthpiece to people and that they purely conducted research to come to their beliefs. He said some other shocking things as well, like all religions being worthy of equal respect, etc.

    I wish I could find that video, maybe the WT has had it pulled from youtube, but if I find it, i'll post a link.

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  • Quillsky

    I was shocked when I first discovered that the GB doesn't discuss issues until they arrive at consensus, they VOTE.

  • villabolo

    Re: Is the Governing Body really Jehovah's mouthpiece?

    Is the Pope of Rome Christ's Vicar?


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  • HappyGuy

    The Governing Body claims to be God's mouthpiece. As far as I can find, the only other person/group who claimed to be God's mouthpiece was Jesus and by association the apostles.

    Let's compare and contrast Jesus and the Apostles behavior to the behavior of the Governing Body.

    1. Social life. Jesus and the apostles lived in and among the people, traveled, had parties, broke bread, preached, taught, and did everything else that normal people of the day did, and they did it in the midst of the people.

    The governing body lives in isolation in Bethel, does not mingle with ordinary people, does not travel in public, does not preach in public, does nothing in public.

    2. Style of preaching. Jesus and the apostles preached in public and backed up their preaching with both words that amazed people and miracles.

    The governing body do not preach in public, do not use words that amaze people (in a good way, they do amaze us as to how idiotic they are but that is not the same kind of amazement), and do not perform miracles.

    3. Style of dress. Jesus and the apostles dressed just like everyone else in their day.

    Governing body. They dress like decrepid old senile perverts.

    4. Stength of mind. Jesus and the apostles were known far and wide for the strength of their minds.

    The governing body are known far and wide for the weakness of their minds

    5. Doctrine. Jesus insisted that love was the only doctrine that really mattered and he was righteously indignant on multiple occassions at men who insisted on loading down people with complex rules and doctrine.

    The governing body loads JWs down with so many nit picky, petty, insiduous rules and complex doctrines that there is no doubt that Jesus would be absolutely livid at the governing body if he was alive today.

    6. Generosity. Jesus and the apostles were extremely generous.

    The governing body are extremely tight fisted, mean spirited, petty, and callous.

    7. Forgiveness. Jesus freely forgave everyone and taught that we should not judge.

    The governing body has set themselves up as judge, jury, and executioner and uses this power against anyone that does not slavishly obey them. Their printed literature is filled with judgements heaped upon the heads of billions of people.

    8. Sex. Jesus and the apostles spoke openly and honestly about ex and as far as anyone can tell were normal, healthy men. Some of the apostles were married and had families.

    The governing body are obsessed with sex and their writings turn it into a, I don't even have a word for it, disgusting thing? Anyway, there is no doubt that the governing body are depraved sex perverts.

  • frankiespeakin

    Is the Governing Body really Jehovah's mouthpiece?

    Yes, because jehovah likes oral sex and he's not double jointed.

  • WTWizard

    Not if they take scriptures out of context to back up rules that have nothing to do with the Bible (and then claim they have a monopoly on correct interpretation of the Bible). They seem to throw around weasel words a lot--"evidently, Jesus meant that a generation is the group of people whose lives intersect with those who saw 1914" is a prime example.

    They also contradict common sense all the time, giving advice that leads to stagnation and frustration, and answers that do not work.

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