Falling asleep at the meeting

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  • JakeM2012
  • Garrett
    That my friend, made my day! +1 for you!
  • 3rdgen
    I remember the "Keynote Address" an hour long manuscript talk given at the DC's (especially during the 60's) where they would drone on and on and on in a rendition of deep Bible prophesy that made absolutely no sense to a kid sitting in the sun in a stadium chair. Even the adults looked like that meerkat. LOL
  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    Yep, thats me every time. Every time I get to sleep though, the wife gives me a poke in the ribs.
  • Divergent
    Yes, that's me also! Every single assembly / convention & at the occasional meeting. I used to be self-conscious about it, but now I don't give a ****
  • JakeM2012
    I wish I had the time and know how to take the video and put the narration of an JW assembly talk. But it's still funny. I love the second one especially, because that is how I would fall asleep at the meetings and conventions, just almost hitting the ground. LOL

    I`ve seen people fall asleep and fall off their chair into the middle isle at a meeting..

    WBT$ JW Assemblies are full of people passed out during those boring talks..


    ...ANOTHER EXCITING JW ASSEMBLY!!.......................ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz....

    Image result for asleep at watchtower assembly.................Image result for Businessman asleep in chair

  • zeb

    Once had an Italian section finish before the other main convention speaker had finished so they all left their section all chattering away walking through the other site setting down lunches etc. To hear the main speaker was nigh impossible and this revealed again the programming. 'Our speaker has finished we eat'. Of course the main speaker didn't pause no way he had his moment in the sun and was going on with it. Due to the disruption he should have just said so and ended so we could go to lunch.

    Keynote address: This should be a culmination of the theme of the(any) convention and should be brief. It never is.After so many so called keynote addresses there was then.. another speaker! WTH! This was followed by the final prayer that too was a summing up and endless waffle. Perhaps they thought god was so bored he needed to be reminded of all that had been covered.

    Hopeless org hopeless public speaking.

  • prologos
    zeb; your comment merits repeating: long prayer, because god needs to be reminded what was covered. amen.
  • blondie

    I could never sleep at those things...I snore too loud, could wake the dead.

    I remember one older elder who fell asleep in the third row at the meeting. When there was a pause, he thought it was the end of the meeting and stood up and started praying.

    I was at a convention and the brother behind me started snoring. I turned around and here was the new DO resting.

    Once in awhile there would be a good speaker who kept people awake, but mostly just snoozeville.

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