JC violence

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  • Mattieu

    Not a JC, even better! It was between the body of elders/MS’s and 2 C/O’s sent to clean up the divisions amongst the body and the effect it was having on the congo.

    During on the many prayers during that meeting, the service overseer went ballistic, screaming and punching out at an opposing elder. He had to be restrained. The worst part was that they never got to say amen to that unanswered prayer.....

    The official word put out by the 2 c/o’s to the body was that it was a demon attack! (not a lack of the fruits of the spirit).

    To this day, he (demon attack elder) still has that nervous twitch like the police inspector in the pink panther!


  • metatron

    Not a JC, but I have heard about elder's meetings with chairs being thrown and threats made. In Ireland, I heard about elder disputes settled behind the Kingdom Hall with fistfights.

    Hypothetically, Violence can be morally justified against anyone who needlessly attempts to harm or separate you from your family. There is a long tradition of men who sacrificed themselves to protect their families, so I'm surprized that there hasn't been more violence against elders who undeservedly (I emphasize that word) disfellowship people.


  • flipper

    When I was brought up before a JC before a meeting back in 2003 I felt like crawling across the table and strangling the crap out of one of the younger elders who was imputing wrong motives to me, but my cooler head prevailed. I just went to my seat picked up my books and stopped attending cold turkey. Never went back

  • Mary

    I forgot about this one: Lady Liberty was on the receiving end of some less-than-Christian conduct by by active Witnesses in her area. Her crime? Celebrating Christmas: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/126755/1/JWs-Egged-Our-House-and-Yanked-Out-Our-Frosty

    And the aftermath: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/126831/1/UPDATE-THEY-ALL-ADMITTED-EGGING-US-Elders-now-know-heads-are-rolling

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