Can WBTS be charged with crimes against humanity for those who die due to various doctrines, e.g. No Blood?

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  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    I know they always play 'freedom of religion' card, but from a humanity point of view, would it be possible to put together some sort of a case against this Org?

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  • semelcred

    Tax laws!!! they brought down one large mobster they can bring down another!

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    The baptism change in 1985 effectively serves as an initation rite into the social club named WTS..... Thusly the dunkee agrees to abide by all club rules or face explusion or reprimand.

  • agonus

    Has any religious organization been successfully charged with Crimes Against Humanity?

    Not that I know of.


    Class Action Lawsuits HAVE been successfully brought against religious organizations.

    The WT has settled child abuse cases out of court, likely to the tune of millions. A slow bleed like this will eventually kill it as long as victims don't let up. I don't think the WT is anywhere near wealthy enough to survive onslaughts of lawsuits of this kind.

  • Farkel

    They could be charged. Anyone can be charged with anything. But they would never be convicted at least not in the USA. The Supreme Court doesn't want to touch religious issues like that. It would create a Constitutional nightmare.


  • agonus

    Right, Farkel. By "successfully charged" I really meant "convicted."

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Charged by whom? The court of public opinion? Sure. They can be found guilty there, too. But I don't see any court taking the case.

    The key, as semelcred states, is taxes. France took the right tactic. Russia did not. If everyone goes French on the WTS, where will they hide?

  • Gerard

    No. Dubs die willingly at the WT altar.

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