very effective.....the Stress and Vomit Diet..........

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  • oompa

    so oompa has lost 15 pounds the last three months....i kinda wanted to...but it is really easy on this diet....for many reasons....leaving wife...going through settlement (arrrggghhh)....pending divorce.....pending totally losing jw parents and son, and of course already lost all my lifelong jw friends....and then of course there is secret trouble aplenty which most of you could prob guesswhat oompa is involved in........

    so anyway...i have always carried stress in my in kinda nervous i also lost most of my appetite...and then the great part is when i do eat...a lot of times i lose it about ten minutes later anyway!!!!..........VERY EFFECTIVE way to lose weight.....and i know i am not the only one like this....but all i need is about another three weeks of this hell and i will be at my high school weight!!!!!...............oompa


  • journey-on

    Oompa...please take care of yourself. Hoping you find peace and resolution soon. Stress really is a killer..............journey-on

  • carla

    Hey Oompa, yeah, been there only not the vomitting part just no appetite. I got down to below high school weight which was quite thin to begin with, found out later my dad thought I had some terminal illness. Also lost some of my hair which is soooo appealing on a woman! add to that the weird skin rashes and I could have been the perfect mate for your avitar! The good news is that hair grows back when lost due to stress and weight has a way of creeping back up too. Hang in there! things can only go up from where your at now, right?

  • cantleave

    Hey Oompa - Take care of yourself mate, don't allow yourself to go into meltdown, if you need it get help.

  • Quirky1

    Shit..when I get stressed I eat. I have to force myself to lose weight. I'm envious that you've lost 15 lbs..I could sure stand to lose 15

  • littlebird

    I hate that diet. Please get some relaxtion from the crap for awhile. Take a little trip, go fishing or something. All bad subjects are off limits for a couple of days.

    Best wishes oompa.

  • BurnTheShips

    I find that some scotch calms my nerves.


  • sd-7

    Wow. That's a really tragic situation. Wish I had good advice for you, but I might end up on the same road myself someday. The best thing I can suggest apart from prayer (if you're still into religion at all) is to find something productive/beneficial that you love and consume yourself with that, even if you really don't feel like it. Take time to step away from life, because it sucks. I can't even imagine how hard that must be. Hang in there. Don't let this situation take your soul from you. Hold on with everything you've got left. Storms come for us all, but eventually they calm down. You just have to ride it out long enough.


  • oompa

    too funny carla.......and no sd-7....not really a tragic situation....there is PLENTY of good with the bad!!!....and i like my new body now....AND MIND!!!!...but damm i look good with my shirt off!!!!!....whooohooo........oompa

    oh and i have not cut my hair in two months and many have told me they love it!!!....damm it got curly...never even knew it would do that....PLUS YA!...i got a kick ass tattoo which you can see on FB!!!

  • undercover

    Brother oompa...

    Haven't you heard? You're not supposed to be on Facebook? Also, letting your hair grow and getting a tattoo? I think a judicial committee meeting is in order, my brother...

    P.S. I've seen you. Shirt on, shirt off... it don't matter... you don't look that good

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