Tim Kilgore vs. E-Watchman Is Wicked Gay...

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  • VoidEater

    I lurv your videos! ;-)

  • leavingwt

    These videos taught me one thing:

    I would rather spend all eternity with homosexuals than spend all eternity with Evangelical Fundamentalists.

  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    dude in the red shirt has condescending mannerisms to the point of parody. always "laughing" at your ideas. dork

  • Terry

    The medium almost always gets confused for the messege.

    A person giving a perfectly informed lecture but who has a foreign accent will lose part of the audience immediately. Not because they don't understand, but, because they fixate on the accent!

    An obese person will risk credibility simply by being fat; all facts presented to the contrary.

    Debates are only effective when they are moderated. Otherwise, they are a low form of entertainment.

    What I notice when I watch these videos is the weakness in presentation rather than the strength of argument.

    I'm ashamed of myself, but, I can't help it!

    O.J. didn't look like a murderer. He was acquitted. (I'm sure those who were black on the jury didn't notice he was black too.)

    That sort of thing...........

  • Kenneson

    Lots of animals kill and eat their prey. Does God condemn this? Why, therefore, does He condemn humans for killing humans? What about cannibalism?

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