Congregation "Bible Study" Comments - Week Commencing 25 January 2010

by LUKEWARM 10 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • sd-7
    I found no mention of Jesus in this material, Jehovah was mentioned 13 times, but the Devil or Satan or wicked spirits were mentioned about 18 times. Would you say the Devil and his demons are an obsession?

    Insightful. I actually had an argument with my mom about this very issue, the unhealthy fear of Satan. I explained to her that Jesus conquered Satan by means of his death, and that therefore we need not be afraid of him or obsessed with what his methods may be. Much less saying every conceivable bad thing that happens is his handiwork. I thought that was a scriptural belief. But without Jesus being brought into the picture, I guess you would be afraid! I can't blame 'em.


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