A Beautiful Mind

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  • Tinkerbell4125

    Messenger, I haven't seen it, but plan too. It sounds like a good movie.

    You still hold me in wonder of who you may be. All the info that you knew about Ronnie, made me feel like I might know you! I sent you a email, but don't know if you got it or not! Are you still going to the meetings, and are you in *good* standing at the hall?????? Do you have to keep your identity under wraps? If you have to be discreet, I can certainly respect that. I was just curious if I knew you! Who knows......you could be a old boyfriend or something!!!!! Just give me a reply, one way or another, otay????? Tink =:o)

    I'll tell you who I am, if you tell me who you are.....kinda like, you show me yours and I'll show you mine!!! =;o)

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    i saw this flick lastnight. i liked it a lot! :)

  • bboyneko

    It'd been mentioned before, but the story presented in 'BEAUTIFUL MIND' is so fictional it might as well have space aliens landing on John Nash's front lawn. First off, his wife played by jennifer connely divorced him along time ago, he had another wife and an illigeitimate child with her before the jennifer one, he was arrested for some sort of lewd sex act in a public place around the same era, and he was never allowed to make his acceptance speech at the Noble awards.

    And as I have said before, Ron Howard was originally going to make this movie about another schizophrenic until the guy he was basing the movie on went crazy and killed his GF, so that wasnt exactly the hollywood ending ron howard wanted. As this shows, he was never interested in telling a true story of schizophrenia but instead was going for a 6th sense hollywood entertainment vehicle.

  • Tinkerbell4125

    So Messenger, I take it that you are going to ignore me!!!! Tink

  • Tinkerbell4125

    messenger, you're a cowardly chicken! Tink

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