A Rhyme to all the Great Posters on JWN

by cantleave 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • cantleave

    Poetry isn't really my thing but I hope you can all relate!

    Oppressive, repressive, a burden, a guilt,

    A childhood of dreams a new world to be built,

    A reward for the future, no anguish no pain,

    No war, no death, life eternal to gain,

    God love’s you so much all this will be yours

    Just go to the meetings and knock on those doors

    Deprive yourself of freedom and fun

    Be different, abnormal, your enemies shun

    Doubts chained and locked in the depth of your souls,

    Don’t be ambitious - pursue spiritual goals,

    Long years of trying to be something you’re not ,

    Will crawl through your body like an all reaching rot,

    The pressure created by suppression of thought,

    Results in a meltdown when off guard you are caught,

    The abuse of the elders, the changing of dates,

    A history of lies and Armageddon is late,

    You know the truth it will set you free,

    But your family and friends still cannot see,

    Their love for you is based on conditions

    Your love them is an awkward position

    You want to get out, you know that you must

    Who can you talk too – Who can you trust?

    Well here on this site you can say how you feel

    The posters will listen they are the real deal

    They understand, they’ve been there before

    They’ve been on the platform they’ve gone door to door

    Some have been elders some Gilead trained

    Pioneers and servants baptised and ordained

    They will know what you mean and have seen what you’ve seen

    They understand the borg machine

    They’ll help get through this difficult transition

    Give em a chance they’ve made it their mission.

  • Heartbreaker

    Fantastic job!!

  • journey-on

    I have to disagree, cantleave. Poetry IS your thing. Enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing from your heart.

  • wobble

    Cantleave is a Poet when he thought he was not

    the talents we have the borg hoped we'ed forgot

    but we felt and we thought till the house of cards

    fell broke on the floor like a pot into shards

    now everyone on JWN is a thinker and more

    and will help newbies walk right out the door

    no WT prison no harsh mind control

    can dull the sound of Freedoms drum roll !

    Hey Cantleave you and me should start a rap group ! rap? what do you mean I've left the C off the front ?

    called XEand da brudder.



  • cantleave

    Yo wobble ma man - I'm catching your vibes

  • Mickey mouse
  • LucyA

    well said cantleave!

  • crapola

    Clapping Hands Light Bulb Holy Moly Good job!

  • dissed

    The man has talents - Can someone put it to music?

  • spawn

    The Bard doth speaketh the truth!

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