"Time Left Reduced."-Bro. Anthony Morris, GB member and Vietnam War veteran.

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    african GB Member

    Dear friends!

    Anthony Morris is a member of the governing body. Here are some notes from a talk he gave at a special

    assembly day. I really think this is excellent and encourage everyone to read it!


    Subject: Tony

    Morris' talk at special assembly day notes.

    Br.Tony Morris (he's a member of the Governing Body) Wasn’t raised in the truth. In fact discussed

    his experiences in Vietnam. Raised two sons. In other words, he understands real life,

    but very pointed counsel. Word for word:-

    “Brothers and sisters if you are not doing family worship night, you will not be ready for survival at


    The GB has worked hard to convey the seriousness of this arrangement. It cannot be underestimated. Now

    you have a choice whether or not you will listen to the counsel….but remember, you’ve been warned.”

    Then another part of the talk he asked, “Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all. You could die this

    afternoon. As you sit there are you certain that your course of life would guarantee that you are in Jehovah’s

    memory and you would receive a resurrection?” Then he talked a lot about materialism too….hitting it

    hard. He said it’s not wrong to have a house…but are you caught up in the American dream that you have

    to have a house?

    Then he went in and talked about the bursting of the housing bubble and the government giving houses to

    people who shouldn’t have had them….no verification of income….not adequate income, etc….and he said

    many brothers and sisters got caught up in that (…..but you know, two years before the bottom fell

    out….we had a Circuit Assembly about keeping your life simple….those that followed Jehovah's

    counsel have survived so much heartache. So what about today’s counsel…..the “Time Left is

    Reduced”…is our theme…will you follow the counsel today. The way you live your life in these hard

    economic times, does it show you are trusting in Jehovah for your necessities or does it show you are

    trusting in yourself and you material things and taking matters into your own hands.

    Then he gave an experience of a sister he met when they were still doing circuit work. Middle aged

    sister…very faithful. Had them over for lunch to her small and simple apartment. Now he said he knew the

    sister had a nerve problem….somewhat of a mental condition….like an anxiety disorder…but he never

    knew why and didn’t ask. Well through the course of conversation, she opens up to them and tells them that

    she used to have a house. And she was bent on having the perfect house. Perfect decorating…perfect

    furniture…everything just so. She came home one night and her entire house was engulfed in flames. She

    lost everything. As a result, she had a nervous breakdown and has never fully recovered. She said after that

    it taught her a lesson and she vowed NEVER to be that attached to material things because she realized how

    fleeting these things are. Then he said to the audience, bros. and sis. How attached to material things are

    you? How would you feel right now if you lost everything?

    Then he discussed the importance of daily Bible reading. He said he and Sister Morris, no matter where

    they are in the world, every morning have their cup of coffee and read their Bible. Not together. He said

    Bible reading is a personal thing. He then asked the audience how many have a cup of coffee every

    morning? Almost the whole audience raised their hand. Then he said, bros. and sis. If you can have a cup

    of coffee every morning, then you can read your Bible every morning.

    Also in talking about materialism, he talked about debt and credit cards. He pulled out his credit card. He

    said now we have to have a credit card today. Even I have one. You can’t even rent a car without one. But

    you know what credit cards are? Plastic anesthesia. Why is that? Well, let’s say you need some clothes. So

    you go to the store to buy them knowing how much you want to spend. But you get there and the retailers,

    because it’s their job, have signs all over…”Two for One” “50% off”…suddenly you think, well….I don’t

    need two…but if they’re 50% off then I should probably get two for when I need them later…oh wait…I’ll

    get one for my husband…and the kids of course…walk up to the cash register…..the cashier swipes the

    card…and guess what…pain free. The card swipes…you feel nothing…and you leave….until the bill

    comes. Now imagine when you go to the store you counting out the actual cash you are spending….little

    more painful isn’t it…suddenly the reality of how much you’re spending is real…and you’re feeling it. Be

    careful of credit cards. If you don’t have the cash to back up the credit card swipe, don’t spend it.

    Let’s see what else…Oh yeah…he talked about being in the truth for a long time….we’re always getting

    counsel. We always need to be making adjustments. He said often times I hear well Br. Morris…”this is

    just the way I am!” Well you know what, Jehovah may not like the way you are. (the audience started

    laughing) He said this is not a union. Seniority doesn’t mean salvation.

    He repeatedly said with all his counsel….this is not the GB saying this…this is Jehovah speaking to you.

    He also kept saying after each point of counsel, “remember…it’s YOUR choice whether or not you will

    listen….but just know….you’ve been warned.” He also emphasized remembering that the day of

    Armageddon has been set. Nothing about our life is going to change that day. If we preach more…it’s not

    going to change that day. That day has been set. So, when we’re going through hardships, be careful that

    you don’t say, “if only Armageddon would come I wouldn’t be going through this.” Remember, it’s not

    about you. Remember the big picture. It’s about Jehovah’s universal sovereignty. And don’t say,

    “I hope that Jehovah holds out a little longer so that uncle John will make it through.” Jehovah said when

    the anointed are sealed, the angels will release the four winds.

    Nothing about when Armageddon comes depends on us or our lives. We just need to obey and keep

    preaching. He gave the example of the huge project that’s being done in Waikill. He said that they just

    showed the Bethel family a 15 minute video the other night about the renovation and new building project

    that will be done over the next 4 years. He said after the video was shown he overheard a dear old sister

    who’s been there forever say, “well, I guess that means Armageddon won’t be coming in the next four

    years.” He said, now I didn’t say anything to her and embarrass her in front of everyone, but I thought to

    myself, “oh my goodness we approved the showing of that video and I don’t remember that being part of

    the dialogue.” So, he said that night he went back and re watched it. He said, brother and sisters……we are

    going to be in the midst of Kingdom activity when the end comes. We will be building, we will be

    preaching, we will be planning conventions, building Kingdom Halls……there’s not going to be a pause

    when the end comes. We need to keep going….keep carrying out Jehovah’s will. And I’m pretty sure when

    the end comes no one is going to say, “oh no…...we didn’t get to attend that convention. I was so looking

    forward to it.” Keep putting Kingdom interests first.

    Then at the end he talked about how ready are we for the end. Are we really ready? Is our faith really

    strong? We need to make adjustments now. He said, “I was in Vietnam. I have seen mass death....human

    casualties. I have smelled burning human flesh after a helicopter crash. I saw only a glimpse of what it will

    probably be like at Armageddon. We must be prepared.”

  • JimmyPage

    Thanks. Now that I've heard a talk from a Governing Body member I won't have to go to the assembly. Appreciate it!

  • fokyc

    Many thanks for that, I am so glad I read it!

    Just a few weeks ago CO Peter Nicholls in the UK gave a Public Talk.

    Guess what?!?!? He too had been on the work just recently with a sister who had her house burnt down.

    The story was exactly the same, are there so many JW's having house fires?

    I was not surprised at this, when are this lot going to be honest?


  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    Sorry about the small print.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    The time left between now and the planet getting hit by a meteor and imploding is indeed reduced by another day. Only 15,483,390 years left brothers!

  • cameo-d

    "Jehovah said when the anointed are sealed, the angels will release the four winds."

    Sounds like your speaker is already practicing for breaking wind.

    "He said, brother and sisters……we are going to be in the midst of Kingdom activity when the end comes. We will be building, we will be

    preaching, we will be planning conventions, building Kingdom Halls"

    Yep. They will be eating and drinking while their slaves are building and door knocking....just like in the days of Noe. Not expecting that the end is meant for them.

  • wobble

    "When the anointed are sealed... " but the numbers keep going up, so the sealing is nowhere complete, so the end is a lot further away than my (ass) end.



  • maninthemiddle

    My mother sent me this crap. I wrote a reply back about how manipulitive it was. I don't have a copy of my reply but this was her response. I told her she should call the information desk to find out if it was real, though I don't expect her to.

    You are right about the e-mail, it did sound like a scare tactic. I got counseled from several people on the proof of that e-mail. This was more of the sisters feelings on the talk, and not the talk itself. I apologize for sending it out, please forgive me.

    I figure if I can get her to apologize for sending me something that was intended to be "upbuilding" then maybe I have made some progress with her.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Solomon got this one right "Everything old is new again." Esp where GB members are concerned.

  • thetrueone

    Anthony Morris sounds like he taken his position as an Marketing Executive for the Watchtower Corporation well.

    A true Representative of the fear mongering religious charlatan class.

    Are people still this stupid ?

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