My ex husband makes me feel bad:(

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  • mouthy

    Mouthy, I did tell him that but as you know, there's no way to reason with these people in an adult way. it's their way or the high way. grrrr

    Well at least you tried Good for you. I hope you find happiness with a THINKING man

  • restrangled

    Newborn, with the break up of any marriage, I'm sure there are thoughts of the original romantic and good times together etc., and then there is the "Needy Man" syndrome.

    Neediness can suck the life out of you......

    he still has feelings for me and still grieves every day that we're not together...I know it shouldn't get to me but it does...I had no choice but to leave him...I was so miserable for so many reasons but when I hear how sad he is it makes me sad. (we have to have some contact coz of the apartment we lived in, unfortunately). I just wish he could move on but he says he can't even look at another woman.

    also, of course, he had to say that Jehovah still loves me and that the end is sooooooooo near, just look at Haiti! Gee!

    Now, this sucks!!

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    he wants to keep control over you!! Don't let him

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