whose hiding in the toilets at the kingdom hall?

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  • pixiesticks

    lol! You have no idea how great it is to hear how many people feel and do exactly the same as me at the assemblies and meetings! When you're in a place where it feels like you're the only one experiencing negative emotions so intence you just have to lock yourself away from it all, it can be really isolating. When I have to go to another horrible assembly, I'll just remember all the other Dubs and closet ex-Dubs locked in the loos like me!

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    My husband and I used to argue about who would take the kids to the potty. Who would take the dirty diaper to the car in the little bag, who would run home with the little one who didn't make it to the potty. Anything to get the hell out of there!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Hahaha I love this thread ....I had completely forgot about hiding out in the bathroom ! Our hall had a lovely Mothers room attached to the bathroom w/comfy rocking chairs and dimmer switch on the light and SOUND it was paradise ! The Brothers were forever trying to take away the comfy chairs and always counseling the sisters on whether all that time in the back was really necessary ....hah we had some pretty strong sisters in that hall that over ruled the he man club .

    We also had two back schools . One became the favorite hang out for late comers that had "allergies" and couldn't be in the main hall .....many times it was hangover therapy, IMO ,lights off stretched out over seats door closed .Not me mind you ,i'm just saying ..

    Before I left there was a new C.O. that insisted the back rooms be cleared and EVERYONE had to be in the main hall . Elders made the MS do the dirty work and I saw a few just leave ! Wonder how that all worked out for them ?

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