whose hiding in the toilets at the kingdom hall?

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  • shopaholic

    Never hid in the toilet...but at a couple of assemblies and conventions I've gone shopping for an hour or so. Left everything at my seat except my bible (needed it to hold my license and car key) and put on the look/walk like I had a big assignment I had to hurry off to...you know the look/walk I'm talking about. You had to time it just right...leave right after a song and then come back in the middle of a song

    Funny thing was, I ALWAYS encountered other witnesses!

  • JimmyPage

    The Kingdom Halls may not provide rooms to accomodate kids like "Babylon the Grape" does, but go to any district convention and you'll find areas where parents take their kids when they get restless... those places are always packed. Truthfully, the parents want to be there more than the kids!

  • EmptyInside

    Yes, I hide in the bathroom. I seem to be full of anxiety at the meetings. Once I get home, I'm fine.


    The last year or two I was in, I spent about 40% of each meeting in the bathroom and another 20% in the car. Even before that, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom since childhood.

  • WTWizard

    And they are always hounding people to get there 20 minutes early and stay 20 minutes late. Why, so they can be hounded before and after the boasting session because they are only getting 65 hours of field circus a month instead of 70?

  • Sapphy

    Oh boy, I spend ages locked in the loo at assemblies. I can't do the 'wasn't it a fine programme' charade anymore. Circuit assemblies are the worst. It's so suffocating, people you havent seen for 6 months wanting to update you on all their problems, challenges and persecutions. Maybe my circuit has more than its fair share of energy vampiers..., but I always leave a circuit assembly or 'special' day feeling completely drained. The best bit is the feeling of relief that it's over when I get to drive away.

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous

    The best bit is the feeling of relief that it's over when I get to drive away.

    Reminds me of that elder trying, during midweek meeting, to convince us about how wonderful attendind meetings was and how much good those were doing to us. He said something like "who among us, brothers and sisters, hasn't experienced this, that we didn't feel for leaving home to go to the KH after a work day but, at the end of the meeting, felt so much better, satisfied". i'm pretty sure that quite a few "brothers and sisters" were then thinking what Sapphy says.

  • boyzone

    I hid in the loos. Elders wanted a "word", and stood outside the door waiting for me. Lots of people were milling around after the meeting and the elders stood with their back to the ladies loo door. I snuck out behind them and headed for my car. Escaped! At least for that day.

  • iMARX

    I used to do exactly the same, and thought I had the best idea doing it, until I found all the other wrestless, bored young girls in the toilet too. I was fortunate to have a younger brother with me so I tended to play with him after the meeting when we were little, or go in the car and wait for our parents so we didn't have to socialise. I hated it when Luke was ill and left me to go to the meeting on my own :(

  • Sapphy

    boyzone - that's funny!

    Maybe, with this thread, we're discovering the real reason why the queue for the sistahs loos was always so long?
    Half the cubicles occupied by people hiding out being tired / bored / lonely / exhusted!

    Toilets, the true "shelter from the storm".

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