Jehovah's Witnesses - Trained to Argue

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    Trained to argue..


    Trained never to..

    "Shut the F*ck Up?"

    Regardless of how badly a JW is Losing an Arguement..

    They never shut up..

    They`re Jehovah`s Witness`s,they must be right!..

    The WBT$ say`s so!..

    If the rest of the world could just forget..

    That almost everything that comes out of a JW`s mouth,is BullSh*t..

    No one would ever argue,with a Jehovah`s Witness!

    ............................. ...OUTLAW

  • OnTheWayOut
  • highdose

    i've always hated arguing with anyone. These days the only people i argue with are JW's. Otherwise i prefer a quiet life, i mean.. does it really matter wether your own opionion is better or worse than anyone else? In the bigger picture? in the wider world...

  • GLTirebiter

    These so called Sensible business men parted with their company money based on the power of the spoken word.

    Acolytes, I always marveled at how easily management consultants could get somebody to buy into their programs. I think it does have similarities to followers of the WT: when you think there's a problem and are at a loss for the answer, it's tempting to follow a convincing sales pitch. Whether the product is good or bad, the buyer is comforted to know that they have done the right thing by listening to an authoritative source.

    Well. moshe wasn't seen as a more intelligent person, but as a troublemaker, I am afraid.

    Yes Moshe, that happens to us loose cannons from time to time! Somebody once called me that at work. He thought it was a rebuke, but I felt somewhat flattered. No problem ever gets solved by pretending it isn't really a problem.


  • TD

    I suppose we could say that someone was trained to fight if they attended courses on the subject. If the training consisted primarily of throwing pillows, shadow boxing and running away, the term, "Trained" might arguably border on the euphemistic.

    JW's are encouraged to argue. The JW tendency to treat conjecture as fact coupled with the great love exhibited by JW writers for logical fallacies of all types generally makes them terrible at it.

  • cofty

    Good point TD. It also makes them incredibly frustrating argue with. Often their efforts are infantile.

  • beksbks

    Jeffy, if you're thinking about this site, I have to say, that in me internet searches, I run across a lot of other forums. I also love Youtube for finding darn near any music that I can dredge out of my memory. I think the Internet encourages argument. I mean how can you go to a video for a great 20 year old song, and see arguments breaking out???

    So I guess what I'm saying is that I disagree with you. Whatcha gonna do about it?

  • SirNose586
    So diversity will make us a better company and help us to make better cars that the public wants to buy?
    "yes, that is right"
    So , then explain to me why it is that Toyota sets the world benchmark for the most desirable cars in terms of styling and reliabilty and profitability and yet the Japanese are not a diverse society, in fact they have referred to the US as a mongrel society" Silence from the trainers-
    "So, I guess your presentation is based on a false premise and diversity has nothing to do with making us a better car company, but the facts actually seem to show that too many opinions actually hurt the design process. The truth is that we are stuck with diversity and we have to try and make the best of it. Isn't that right?"
    "uh, we are just contractors who are paid to present a program and we have no personal opinions contrary to the material we have presented"
    Well. moshe wasn't seen as a more intelligent person, but as a troublemaker, I am afraid.

    Skeptics aren't very popular people, I'm afraid...but great story nonetheless.

  • parakeet

    The point is, ex JW's are well equipped to argue most anything.

    They are trained to argue, but not "well equipped." That's why they back off from almost any logical counterargument.

    To be fair, however, there is no way to train dubs to counter every objection, since most of the objections are true.

    The WTS half-informs them, stuffs their pockets full of magazines, and lets them loose on a better informed public.


  • shamus100

    Arguing is a basic way of putting it.

    If a dubbie can't see the logic, it means that your 'heart isn't ready for the truth'. The circular reasoning is already planted before you even open your mouth... that's why people will NEVER CHANGE unless they WANT TO CHANGE. It's a cult, and the mind control is clearly evident. Everyone knows it, DOGS KNOW IT...

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