What is the WT Good News? Please Proclaim It With Me

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  • designs

    Perry, I can see where the problem begins with you. So much angst and superstition and a tad need to think outside of some narrow parameters.

    So you have Jesus as God sitting behind a desk in heaven. Ok

    The age of enlightenment will catch up with those choosing Fundamentalism, I am certain of it



    If you don`t accept the WBT$ as your Mediator..

    Your not going to get into the New System..

    You won`t be able to pet Lions or talk to Blueberrys..

    You talk like a frigg`n Christian!..

    Thats unacceptable in Watchtower World!..

    Jesus did`nt die for your Sins..

    Jesus died so the WBT$ could print magazines..

    About how the WBT$,is Gods only Organization..

    Jesus is Dead..It`s time to move on..

    Read a Watchtower and forget about your Christian Fantasies..

    ................................ ...OUTLAW

  • Perry


    If you are an atheist, this will no doubt sound silly to you. I understand that. Are you an atheist?

  • thetrueone

    Farkel's good news ....Priceless

    #1, The "Cut-to-the-Chase" Version :-

    dub: Good morning. It's a beautiful day isn't it?

    householder: Yes it is. What do you want?

    dub: I'm here to tell you about your future. Would you like to know that future?

    householder: I don't know. Maybe.

    dub: Very soon, Jehovah God is going to blow your guts all over that wall and smash your baby's skull into a thousand pieces, and after I clean up your mess and the birds are done eating out your eyeballs. I'm going to take over your home and live in it! Your car, too! Do you want to hear how you MIGHT avoid all that?

    householder: Get the hell out of here before I do all of that to you!

    dub, walking away: Have a nice day. Can't wait to move into your house!

  • Finally-Free

    Further, they teach that Jesus' sacrifice was some fuzzy unclear doctrine about "paying back what Adam lost".

    This made no sense to me when I was a JW. According to JW teaching, Jesus was a "perfect human" and equal to Adam. Considering his "prehuman existance" and the advantages that came with that, as well as his ability to perform miracles, I could never understand the JW position that he was merely "equal" to Adam. (or was Jehovah stacking the deck to ensure there would be no screw ups this time?)


  • Perry

    Me too FF. I must have asked my parents to explain it to me like 10 times when I was a kid.

    But if you think about it, what else could the WT do?

    Once you take away the Substitutionary Atonement, what is Jesus for? His death needed to do at least something. He becomes the elephant in the room. So, the GB let Jesus have a role in paying back (something totally unclear) what Adam lost. This then led to the completely ludicrous assertion that Jesus' death proved God's right to rule..... and other similar WT non-sense.

    The key is that the WT could have just as easily taught that Jesus died for most anything accept for your personal sin and still accomplish their goal of muddying the water of the entire sacrificial system that the Jews were familiar with for the previous 1500 years. As silly gentiles, most of us didn't have that kind of family history and our families fell for the twisted WT explanation, instead of the obvious (at least from a Jewish perspective)

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